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FS2000 Alouette III Air-Glaciers - (Swiss rescue helicopter) This helicopter was designed with fsds for FS2000. It has animated rotor blades, transparent windows, a realistic Panel and realistic sounds (by Fabien Prevost). Designer: Wolfgang Kulhanek 2001 Sound by Fabien Prevost. 1.5MB

FS2000 Aerospatiale Ecureuil AS-350 B2 Monaco Air (aircrfat) + Gauge files : A highly detailed and accurate helicopter model is combined with an ultra-realistic panel / aircraft cabin environment with panel and sound included a panel manuel The model is stunning in every respect, and features full moving parts, Aircraft by FAD 2000 Panel with down view for landing, enlarged panel view, altimeter zoom, and night lighted switches. Registration can be adapted to your helicopter. This panel uses specific gauges of the AS-350 B2 programmed by Arne Bartels. Bitmaps made by Jean-Pierre Langer. 6.5MB + 3.7MB

See Sound files below!



FS2000 Alouette III - Österreichisches Bundesheer. This helicopter was designed with fsds for FS2000. It has animated rotor blades, transparent windows, a highly realistic Panel and realistic sounds (by Fabien Prevost). Designer Heli and Panel: Wolfgang Kulhanek 2001 Sound by Fabien Prevost. 2MB

SA. Alouette 315B "Lama" This chopper is a repaint of Shlomo Hakim's nice IAF Alouette II. Leonardo Possidoni. 640K



FS2000 Sound files for Aerospatiale Ecureuil AS-350 B2 Monaco Air V1(ABOVE) This files update the sound files and the Aerospatiale Ecureuil AS-350 B2 Monaco Air file The starter function, Comburstart , Normal Combustion and shutdown also the update airfile to use the sound files Soundfiles by :Manuel Gonzalez Docs are included in the package You also Need Both files:Fad_AS350.zip ,Fad_AS350gauges.zip. 5.6MB


FS2000/CFS2 Sikorsky S92 civil transport Large civil transport helicopter. High level of detail : articulated rotor disk and swatch plate, realistic cockpit interior, retractable gear, cabin furnished (19 seats). 3D Model built with AD2000 by Herve Devred. Dedicated panel by Michael Vader. 927K


Alouette III -Irish Air Corps re-paint by Karl Donohoe Dedicated to the men and women of the Irish Air Corps.The Alouette has been in service with Aer Chor na h-Eireann since the 60's and has an exemplory safety record .Though having said that ,it wasn't uncommon for the rotor blades to be bent by over-enthusiastic ambulance crews in their rush to offload rescuees! Original Designer: Wolfgang Kulhanek. 966K
Backwards Flying Video: Hey take a look at this video!! I can't believe I could do this!!! It's a tour of the new Cincinnati-No. Kentucky Airport BACKWARDS!!! Includes 180, 360 degree turns, altitude changes, stops-starts, etc.... The info in the attached 'flight tuning' file gave me a degree of control I have never had before!!!! I found this info on one of the AVSIM forums. It's from Simon Evans. Run the video at the Cincinnati-No. Kentucky airport. You don't have to have the new scenery by Chris Gilbert. But it's a great scenery and you'll see the copter lined up with runways, and taxiways and what-not.... I've included the aircraft cfg file I installed it into to show you how it goes. TRY IT in your favorite copter and feel the difference. Let me know what you think....Craig 'tailboon' Snyder. 93K
Tunage! And an updated panel for the new Bell 412's by Brian Whitelegg, they are great, but a more modern panel was in order (IMO). This panel incorporates R.L. Clark's AMRadio CD. AM Radio CD A simulated four channel push button AM Radio for playback of music, recorded broadcasts and the like from your computer's CD drive for purposes of ambiance and general entertainment while flying FS2000/FS98/CFS aircraft. Configured by Craig 'tailboom' Snyder. 270K



Panels for Aerospatiale AS365N Dauphin, AS350 Ecureuil, AS355 Twin Squirrel, AS355 Twin Squirrel EFIS. Designed by Ian Standfast November 2000 revisions Designed using Customer Panel Designer by Abacus. 420K

FS2000 Panel - Bell 212 from Deane Bauton original reconfiguring by me, for Fs2000 Good fly. unzip them to the Aircrafts panel directory and replace it. Gaetan. 1.8MB