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Civil Jets Page 16

FS2000 Aer Lingus 737-500. Replacement textures for the default FS2K 737. Photorealistic look. By Peadar Duffy. 166K
FS2K Delta Airlines Boeing 737-300 Features 16 sided fuselage and the Pascal Linder Method of 512 x 512 textures. Also features full moving parts including rudder, elevator, ailerons and rotating fans. Also includes smoother wheels, hub textures with the use of Abacus Aircraft Factory 99. Added animated flaps and landing gear with Abacus Aircraft Animator. Original Designer: Kim Simmelink (Project Freeware Group) Texture and revised design: Brent Hebert. 241K
FS2000 Boeing 767-328ER Sobelair (ProMax2001) Same features as the ProMax2000 (maximum moving parts) Plus a new 3D engine with rotating fan blades and vapor trails. Design and paint by: Camil Valiquette Repaint by: Vital Vanbeginne. 171K
Biman Bangladesh Airlines B777-200 FS2000 & FS98 By: Aziz R. Palas. 145K

FS98/FS2000 PLUNA (Uruguay) Boeing 747-400 FS98/FS2000 PLUNA Boeing 747-400. Registration: CX-DGR Painted in the latest livery including the new style of the Uruguay word. Features full moving parts: Rotating Engine Fan, Moving Landing Gear, Flaps, Ailerons, Spoilers, and Rudder. Also Transparent Cockpit Window, 3D Wheel & Textures, Auto Land, Smoke System, Landing Lights, 3D Body Parts. Detailed textures including new fuselage lines, windows and wheels. Original aircarft design by Bill Alderson. Modifications and moving parts by Aziz R. Palas (Version 2) Textures by Daniel Gazzano. 124K



FS98/2000 B777-200 32 SIDED FUSELAGE in Boeing House Colors. Highly realistic round fuselage and engines made of a 32 side circle,more than maximum 3d parts limit!.It also features 3d ailerons,3d flaps , 3d textured landing gear.Moving parts: landing gear, rotating fan, spoilers, flaps,ailerons.Highly detailed wing design and motion.Working landing lights. By Sandro Bernardini. 187K
FS2000 Ryanair Boeing 737-400 replacement textures. Photoreal look. By Peader Duffy. 166K

FS2000 - Alitalia Boeing 747-400 "Sanremo" (Fictious), version 1.0. By Frank Di Candia. This aircraft is a high detailed version and true rendition of a Boeing 747-400. More than 1,000 parts are highly visible, AF99 circle, transparent cockpit windows, great flight dynamics for FS2000. Includes panel by The Freeware Works. With moving parts. 1.2MB

FS2000 Japan Air Systems Boeing 777-300. Highly detailed model with superbly crafted detailed moving parts & textures. Definitely one to keep! ENTARO(Chan*ken)KANEKO. 183K

FS2000 and FS98 Boeing 727-200, United Old Colors. V.2.0 Full Moving Parts (FMP) and Full Precision Design (FPD). Rudder, elevators, ailerons, flaps, slats, Krueger flaps, spoilers, landing gear, undercarriage open/close sequence, landing lights, steerable nose wheel, tail skid, 12 sides fuselage and engines design, semi-photorealistic textures, new engine design for noise reduction (hushkits), trasnparent windshield, and much more! Original by E. Diaz. Repainted with permission by Mike Baumann. 123K

Patch - texture upgrade. 74K

FS2000 Delta Air Lines Boeing 767-400 ER (ProMaxLT) New lighting textures including the engine nacelles and moving parts. Design and paint by: Camil Valiquette 160K
FS2000 Atlas Air Boeing 747-400F FS2000 Atlas Air Boeing 747-400F cargo version. AF-99 circle, transparent cockpit and moving parts. Plane also works great in FS98. Based on original design by Bill Alderson, repaint in Atlas Air livery by Jim Youngken. 72K