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Civil Jets Page 78

FS2000 Bombardier CRJ700-ER American Eagle Reg # N700AE With Full Moving Parts including animated fans & new FS2000 Airfile. Design & Orig Artwork:Barry Blaisdell Livery & Night Paint: Bob May Premier Aircraft Design. 260K
FS2000 Project Opensky BOEING 767-300ER 'BR' 32-sided Fuelage , Full moving parts Tail-skid , Gears ,jet fan flaps , spoiler and others ,Night Lighting(landing lights, rotating beacon, strobes, tail logo) Special 3-D gear-bays ,Transparent cockpit Animated APU-intake Engine shell inner fairings New base-model paint textures Flight performance based on a real Euro-airline 767-300ER Designed By Mitsushi Yutaka , Hiroshi Igami Flight Dynamics by Johan C Dees Tested by Clinton L. Riley ,Franklin P. Vale, Warren C. Daniel Repaint by Alex Mendes. 1.2MB

FS2000 Boeing 737-400 BR. Original by Mauricio Vansquoit. Repaint by Alex Mendes. 704K
FS2000 A-300-600 BR. Originators details not supplied.Repaint by Alex Mendes. 364K
FS2000 B727 200 BR 3D gear bays, full moving parts, FSDS mods by Kevin Trinkle, overall Update by Gary M. Carlson, Repaint by Alex Mendes. 484K
FS2000 A-319 BR. Original documents not supplied. Repaint by Alex Mendes. 592K
FS2000 B747-400 BR Original documents not supplied. Repaint By Alex Mendes. 4MB

FS2000 Vickers Super VC-10 East African Airways (1976). Fully animated (with all the frills). FSDS Model, Animation & Paint by David Maltby. 729K
FS2000 Aero Lloyd Boeing 737-400 D-ALXX Repaint of the default Boeing 737-400 in Aero Lloyd colors. by Abdurrahman Gundogmus. 419K

FS2000 Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-4Q8 N782AS Repaint of the default Boeing 737-400 in Alaska Airlines colors. by Abdurrahman Gundogmus. 452K