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FS2000 F-15C Eagle Boeing F-15C made with FSDS. Features fully moving parts, Moving engine nozzles, Night lighting, Moving pilot Does not include panel/sound By Kotaro Akikawa. 1.5MB

Recommended panel

FS2000 Panel-McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle. An FS2000 panel for the USAF F-15 Eagle fighter. Features working MFD's with panel switches, fully transparent HUD gauges, left and right side view images, high resolution HSI with rose and arc modes, and integrated FS2000 GPS. Based on F-15 cockpit photos. Gauges are lit at night. By Paul Schwerdtfeger. 1.3MB




FS2000 McDonnell Douglas AV8B Harrier II (Night Attack). Markings are of the US MARINES Attack Squadron 231 (VMA-231) 'Ace of Spades'. All new original model with moving ailerons, rudder, nosewheel steering, flaps and nozzles. Paint is the low observable grey scheme paint of Marine Harriers in the 90's. This was the AV8B Harrier II modified for Night Attack capabilities. Panel based on Phil Perrott Harrier Panel bitmap included and uses the FS2k GPS. Includes mini flight manual in .pdf format. Model and Paint by Jim Atkins. 2.4MB


FS2000 USN VAQ-133 EA-6B Prowler Features: Full animation, Full night lighting (Military), Nose wheel steering, Arresting Hook and FS2K .air file. Carrier landable as accurate as can be using the ( / ) Spoiler key to stop. There are 2 .air files supplied with this a/c. The .air file "EA-6B Prowler" is for land-based OPS I.E. the spoilers are set for long roll outs. The .air file "EA-6B Prowler1" is for carrier OPS as the spoiler is set for STOP! Just rename and replace as you like. The Hook will deploy with full flaps selected, but will have no effect on stopping. By Rick Sasala. 497K


FS2000 BAe Hawk MK.66 Swiss Air Force The BAe Hawk first flew on 21st August 1974 and celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1999. It is one of the most succesfull premier fast-jet trainer and it is used by the Royal Air Force and Finnish Air Force plus many others. The Hawk, along with its conventional and robust design and outstanding performance, proved to be a great asset to the Swiss Air Force. The Swiss Air Force took delivery of the new Trainers in 1990. This FSDS design includes full moving parts, virtual cockpit, transparent canopy with glass reflections and an instrument panel. Designed by Mikko Maliniemi. New highly realistic flight dynamics by Steve Small. 2.3MB
Northtrop F-5 Tiger II for FS2000(1st version).Features: Full moving parts including ailerons, elevators, rudder, 3D pilot & cockpit, transparent window, gear, nav lights, strobe lights, etc. FACH F-5: The FACH F-5 is used by the FACH(Chilian Air Force). Designer:Alex Eylerts. 1.1MB

FS2000 STD/PRO Lockheed C-130J Hercules RAAF V.1 In the spirit of the ANZAC Alliance,this is especially for my friends "across the ditch". This model is of the Royal Austalian Air Force Stetched C-130J. It has full moving parts,including rear door and ramp,with detailed rear cargo hold. This model has photo-real exterior textures. Recommended PIII 470 processor /equivalent/or better. This model is extremely complex, and uses high resolution high detail Bitmaps.Included is also a C-130J panel bmp for the panel makers out there.Recommended panel..Vanessa Leightowers excellent C-130J Panel for FS2000. Model,Textures,and FDE by Adrian Brausch. 3.7MB


FS2000 STD/PRO Lockheed HC-130H Hercules V4 This model is of the USCoast Guard HC-130H. It has full moving parts,including rear door and ramp,with detailed rear cargo hold. Textures,model,and FDE by Adrian Brausch. 2.4MB



FS2000 SR-71 Blackbird revised edition. Original cockpit design by Peter Pellionis, Modified panel and added a new air file by Duward BIxler. Thanks to Phoenix simulation software for the excellent visual model. 3.5MB

FS2000 Sukhoi Su-27B - Gromov Test Pilots' livery (#595 and #598). Features full moving parts, accurate flight model, and accurate textures. By Erick Cantu - AUTHORIZED by Graham Waterfield of Phoenix Simulation Software (Thanks Graham!). Full credit for model goes to PSS. Part 1 214K, Part 2 214K