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FS2000/CFS2 USAF Lockheed F-104C Starfighter (70-928) The F-104C (Lockheed Model 483-04-05) was the tactical strike version of the Starfighter. It was designed to meet the needs of the Tactical Air Command (TAC), which had earlier found the F-104A to be unacceptable because of its low endurance and its inability to carry significant offensive payloads. This aircraft is from 435th TFS/479th TFW based on George AFB, CA, in 1958. In 1959 it was transfered on Moron AB, Spain. In 1962, during the Cuba Crisis, it was transfered at Key West to protect USA air space. In 1965 it was transeferd in Middle East on the Da Nang Air Base, during Viet Nam Conflict, whit MiGCAP mission. Full animation of gear, flight controls and 3D wings. Aircraft design by Tomo Chang. Flight Model and Texture Repaint by Simone Prattico'. Panel rework by Simone Prattico' from an original by Marco Spada. Sound Package by Oxyd. Damage Profile by Chris Coarse. 3.7MB
FS2000 Aircraft - RAF Tornado Pack #2 Includes 3 different Royal Air Force Tornados F3 in the colours of No. 1435 Flight, No. 29 Squadron and No. 43 Squadron. All 3 aircraft are painted in standard operational paint scheme, overall grey. Unit insignias vary. These aircraft are not available for individual download. Animated control surfaces and landing gears, smooth moving variable geometry wings. By Michael Gurezka. 230K
RAF C-17 Globemaster III Visual model by Kirk Olsson.This aircraft is for FS2000. This is FREEWARE. This aircraft comes with full moving parts, and is a highly detailed model of the C-17 GlobemasterIII. Repainted by Joel Knight. 1MB

U.S. NAVY E-2C Hawkeye for Flight Simulator 2000. Description: All weather, carrier-based tactical airborne warning and control system platform. Features: Full animation, Night lighting, Nose wheel steering, Rotating wheels, Arresting Hook, FS2K .air file and rotating Radar Dome. Aircraft By Rick Sasala Textures By Will Beaudry. 1.7MB

FS2000 File Fix for US Navy E-2C Hawkeye (.MDL file) This is a fix for (E-2C.zip) that corrects the .MDL file, it fixes the hook deployment. The hook will now deploy with full flaps down but will have no effect on aircraft airspeed. The spoiler key can still be used to stop the aircraft during carrier landings. 459K

FS2000 Northrup YB-49 Flying Wing This FSDS project for FS2000 includes full moving parts with accurate split rudders and true elevons courtesy of Mike Crosthwaite's SDLEdit. By Paul Clawson. 153K



FS2000 Tornado IDS Royal Saudi Air Force The IDS is a fighter bomber version of the Tornado swing-wing fighter. This one depicts aircraft number 766 of No. 7 Squadron, Royal Saudi Air Force. Model features animated swing-wings, landing gears and elevators. AF99 design, but uses BMP textures. Version 3.1. By Michael Gurezka. 328K

FS2000 Lockheed SR-71A Blackbird Tailnumber 17962 Description: Fully animated FS2000 FSDS model including landing gear, elevons, refueling receptacle, rudders and drag chute! Strobe lights, landing and taxi lights. Includes realistic crew members in pressure suits and is textured in the late 1980's scheme. Panel and sounds not included. Aircraft model by David Bushell. 916K
FS2000 E-2c Hawkeye Aeronavale -French Navy- Original aircraft by Missi. High resolution texture, repaint by Y-Raymond. 1.2MB