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FS98/FS2000 Sukhoi S-37 Berkut Super-manoeuverable Russian fighter prototype. Foward-swept wings, close-coupled canards and high power to weight. Features full moving parts, sounds and panel. By Ralph Pegram. 1.2MB

C130 Hercules Plane & Panel. Panel : This is a new panel for fs2000 only and is an improvement in that the view is more proportional to realy flying the hercules. Plane: The aircraft has 2 colour schemes,RAF and Desert. David Mackie. 2.4MB

FS2000 Grumman F-14A Tomcat "Jolly Rogers". Version 1.1 - Grumman F-14A Tomcat, VF-84 "Jolly Rogers",U.S.Navy,late '70s. This new version includes more realistic gauges, transparent canopy, textured interiors and enhanced dynamics. Reworked over a FSFS model by Kazuo Saido, soundwork by Aaron Swindle. Model rework, textures, panel, flight dynamics by Dino Cattaneo. 3.9MB

Royal Air Force C130 Hercules aircraft & panel. .It is an update to an earlier panel featuring much improved textures and perspective correction. Features: Independent engine start/stop,pop up static yoke,16bit samples and full night lighting.Included is an aircraft in RAF colours with animated props/gear and flaps. Have fun....DAVID MACKIE. 2.4MB



FS2000 RoCAF TF-104G "4149" RoCAF TF-104G "4149" belonged to 427th TFW/28th TFS. Based CCK AB Taiwan. This plane had retired after flew over 6,000 hours. This new version includes more realistic transparent canopy , moving parts and more accurate visible model. Designed by Tomo Chang. 101K



FS2000 RoCAF F-104G "4303" RoCAF F-104G "4303" belonged to 427th TFW/7th TFS. Based CCK AB Taiwan. This new version includes more realistic transparent canopy , moving parts and more accurate visible model. Designed by Tomo Chang. 92K

FS2000 - Full Moving parts - Aeritalia/Lockheed F-104S. This aircraft is here presented with colors of an AMI example in NATO camouflage used in 1990's years by 18 gruppo of 37 Stormo "Cesare Toschi" based at Trapani-Birgi, Sicily. Visual model and paintings by Massimo Taccoli. 516K


FS98/FS2000 SAAB J29F Flygande Tunnan. The J29 'The Flying Barrel' served the Swedish Air Force 1955-76. It was the first jet aircaft with swept wings, designed by SAAB. In May 1954, the J29 became the world's fastest aircraft with 977 km/h over a 500 km distance. The J29 also served in Kongo for UN in the 1960's. Now with moving parts. By Bertil Nilsson. 75K

FS2000 Skunkworks SR-71. This is file contains a complete package for the "Skunkworks"SR71 Blackbird.The package includes the PSS-SR71, and SR71 Deluxe Panel Version 2.The sound set is unique to FS2000 freeware, with "Buick" start cart engine starts. Using a new technique I have recreated that real tower flyby sound, by cutting,pasting and reverse pasting a Blackbird flyby from film footage.The reheat production is as loud as it comes, you will feel the power of the amazing J-58 Power Plants as they spoolup to 34,000lbs thrust per engine. The "Buick start cart engines spool the J-58,s up to 10,000 rpm to start them.A situation file is included,starting at Edwards AFB. The panel is an excellant rendition of the SR71 and is completly FS2000 compatible,with night lighting and all nav instruments operational.The aircraft is also fully FS2000 compatible, and will fly to 80,000 with speeds up to Mach3. FS2K Keys documents included by John Hirsch. Filename:bbp2k Authors:Mike HamblyFSD.Gerry Schmidt FSD.(Sounds) John J Schumacher(panel)Graham "DOTCOM" Waterfield. 2.5MB


FS2000 aircraft & Panel - EUROFIGHTER TYPHOON PACKAGE Eurofighter TYPHOON v1.00 FOR FS2000 ONLY - aircraft: features max moving parts (including pilot), max 3D parts (including engine intake and nozzle), trasparent canopy (with cockpit), max photoreal textures with colours of "4 Stormo Caccia". Panel: only FS2000 PRO default gauges (tested only at 800x600). By Giuseppe Chiacchietta (Bepino). 238K

FS98/FS2000 TORNADO ECR TIGERMEET By Paul Emsley. Moving parts PANAVIA Tornado IDS for FS98. Tornado IDS is the most advanced interdictor / strike aircraft produced in Europe by a three nations aircraft industries consortium, British Aerospace -DASA (Germany)- Alenia (Italy).First flight, 14 August 1974. Model with trasparent canopy and moving parts. FS98 model by Massimo Taccoli. 172K

F/A-18c aircraft dynamics "FS2000 format". Ver 3 Put this in you favorite F/A 18 for "true" FS2000 dynamics compatability. This file also replaces the air file in F18-Suk.zip by John J Schumacher. 15K