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cf18afix.zip : FS2000 CF-18A Air file update Air file update package for CF-18's repainted by Dean Reimer. This package includes files for the following aircraft: CF-18A/718, /723, /759, /762, and /2k. Improves flight characteristics with autopilot, and other issues. 28K



FS2000 Boeing MD-17 GLOBEMASTER. Large Military cargo handler. New creation of the new MD 17 with full 3d textures, custom moving parts etc. Without doubt the best MD 17 created yet for FS2K. By OMC'99. 563K



MCDONNELL DOUGLAS F-4 PHANTOM II ( for FS 2000 ) 388th Tactical Fighter Wing, Korat / Thailand version 1.1, features: moveable gear ( not animated ), transparent canopy, 2 pilots ( complete 3-d ), virtual cockpit with many functions, possibility for carrier-landings, strobe and lights, full-textured ( inside and outside ). designed by Gerd Hausy. 268K
EF-111A "Raven" --Aircraft-- This EF-111A Raven is painted as of those that were in the 388th Electronics Combat Squadron (ECS) at Mountain-Home AFB in Idaho. The original EF-111A was done by the Hills (Mike and Terry) but was repainted to this more realistic scheme Ted Herman, who is stationed at Mountain Home. It is based on several pictures of a static EF-111A at the base. --Panel-- The panel is a Phil Perrott original tweaked by Dave Foster. It is originally for F-111's but now has more electronics and such, to make it "EF-111 Compatible". --Sounds-- The sounds are from Mike Hambly...the "Sound God" Note: the sound files (the actual *.wav) were re-named --Animation (slight)-- The slight animation that was done (we could not do full animation without the .AFX files) was done by Dave Foster using Abacus' "Aircraft Animator" The aircraft is now used in the 388th ECS of Virtual Air Combat Command. At (of course:) Mountain Home AFB. 3MB


Airbus A-400-M Military Transporter. High quality original design by OMC'99. Aircraft has opening rear door with visible interior, transparent cockpit windows, CFM turbofans & more. 694K



FS2000 Lockheed TF-104G-M Starfighter. This is just an exercise to test FSDS, so don't expect too much from it! New panelincluded. Model by Massimo Taccoli, gauges by FSD, air file by Robert Young. By Dino Cattaneo. 1.8MB


UPDATED Fs2000 Dassault Rafale by: OMC'99. New design for FS2000. 657K

TORNADO GR1 LUFTWAFFE. Design & Paint by Paul Emsley This aircraft was created using Abacus Aircraft Factory 99 and is for FS 98 & 2000. 136K



F-14B Tomcat, reworked jetdynamics for FS98 & FS2000. This fighter simulate the airdynamics without "fly-by-wire" The flight dynamics is in such a way conceived that the F14 simulates the typical class "A" characteristic in close curves " antinode bulge in front flies ". Airfile Author: Kazuo Saido Airdynamics: reworked by Roy Hahmann. 204K


The A-36 Halcon for FS2000 Designer:Harald Huber. Textures:Marcelo Canovas.Features: Full moving parts including ailerons, elevators, rudder, 3D pilots & cockpit, transparent window, gear, nav & strobe lights, etc. 454K


CFS/FS98/FS2000 General Dynamics F-16 "Fighting Falcon" RNOAF This F-16A, serial 272, from 332 squadron is based at Rygge Main Air Station in the southern part of Norway. The Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF) ordered 72 Fighting Falcons (60 F-16A and 12 F-16B), with delivery starting in 1980. Norwegian F-16's are recognisable by the brake chute container under the tail fin (although other countries have this fairing as well, to contain brake chutes, ECM etc). Aircraft by: Colin Norwood Repaint by: Jens-Ole Kj°lberg. 108K


USN Lockheed F-16N Fighting Falcon This aircraft has been modified for Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2000. This version has a panoramic view of the textured pilot and control panel. It also has moving flaps, flashing stobe light, wing tip navigation lights, formation lights.This aircraft was built using AF99 and Aircraft Animator. Includes Panel, gauges & sounds. Includes Smoke generators. Painted in Aggressor colors. FreeWare/FunWare Phillip Robbins. Repaint & Modifications by William Friedman. 110K