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Panels Page 18
FS2000 BAe146 PANEL. This panel and many gauges, originally for FS98, have been repainted and made compatible for FS2000 This panel has all gauges and controls on four panels, which all should be clearly readable:Gen. Marcello Lugari. 2.5MB
Generic Full Screen View Panel . For Fs2000 Pro Edition This Panel is intended to be used with any aircraft, and it will provide the basic information you'll need to fly withouth filling your screen. Design and Conception: Carlos Silva.
Pseudo HUD Display ( PHD_Panel ) FS2000 Pro Edition Modified by Rick Marsico based on a concept by Carlos Silva. 69K

FS2000 CF-18/A Panel This version of a CF-18/A panel incorporates digital readout gauges as well as FS2K default backup gauges. High res bitmaps based on rework of Jeff Leezman's F-16 panel and F-18 panel photos. Designed for the CF-18A series by Dean Reimer, but will work well for any Hornet. 1.2MB
CFS / FS2000 - Panels Yak panel This panel has been done for the early Yakovlev WW II fighters. it has been tested on CFS as on FS2000. Done by Michael Vader PEGASUS AVIATION DESIGN. 1.9MB