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CRJ panel FS2000 The panel uses FS2000 default gauges and some modified FS2000 gauges as well.The main panel is in same general layout. I also included the modified side views which offer a more realistic view and feel as well. Second Edition modifications and side views By: Lee Mulins Original Panel By: Phillip Robbins. 3.1MB

FS2000 Panel. Gulfstream IV and V FS2K panel with HUD Upgrade for GV. Although the G IV & G V panels are the same, Gulfstream have been testing a Heads-Up Display for application in the Gulfstream V. This system provides enhanced situational awareness in low visibility environments. The simulate this, we have added a head up display which you can add to the panel if you wish. Note that the HUD only works with a 3dfx card enabled. . By Robin Ritchie. 2.8MB.

FS2000 Panel for the Airbus A340. But is is also compatible with the earlier A330. by: Frank Elfert. 420K
FS2000 Panel Boeing 707. But is is also compatible with the earlier A330. by: Frank Elfert. 2.5MB
FS2000 Panel for the Boeing 767-300 ER. by: Frank Elfert. 1.9MB
FS2000 Alternative 2 Engined Jet Aircraft Panel. I did test this panel with a Boeing 737, 747 and a Fokker 100. I can only say that this is a good panel to fly with. It's a very clear panel. Panel made by: Frank Elfert. 654K
FS2000 Panel for the new Saab 2000.by: Frank Elfert. 476K

FS2000 Panel for the MD 90. I have test this panel, with no problems. This panel is includes GPS by: Frank Elfert. 639K

FS2000 panel for Airbus A-340 Fs2000 Airbus A-340 panel. Uses fs2000 standard edition gauges over photoreal bitmap. Panel by Marco Spada. 423K

FS2000 Panel for the Boeing 737-800. by: Frank Elfert. 164K