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FS2000 Convair CV-990 "Coronado" wing views Rear-left and rear-right views included, 8 Bith-color depth, 1024 x 768 resolution By Thomas Baumgartner. 401K
FS2000 Fokker F-100 wing views Rear-left and rear-right views included, markings on the wings where erased. 8 Bit color depth, 1024 x 768 resolution. By Thomas Baumgartner. 180K

FS2000 Ilyushin IL-18 wing views Left and right views included, markings on the wings where erased. 8 bit color depth, 1024 x 768 resolution. By Thomas Baumgartner. 634K

FOKKER 100 PANEL *only FS2000 PRO* Version 2.0 Copyright by Paulo Hernandes. this panel is based on the concept of my first F100 panel for FS98 and 2000 (psdhf100.zip). 2.6MB

Photorealistic Concorde panel for FS2000 (original by Chris Alevritis) Now with permanent overhead panel and optimization of instrument grouping. Added a new overhead panel, altitude callout, seatbelt/no smoking signs, aircondition gauges and more. Readable gauges with 1024x768 resolution. By Norbert Jaun. 3.8MB

Photorealistic Concorde panel Fix for FS2000 (original by Chris Alevritis) Panel fix for conc_pnl.zip. Fixes two gauges who's positions were not properly set. 4K

FS2000 panel - McDonnell Douglas C-17 Globemaster III Version 1.2. Here's a panel for the MD C-17 Globemaster III, Designed for 1024x768 resolution. Features an enhanced palette bitmap, night lit panel background and gauges, fully transparent HUD gauges, high resolution HSI with Rose and ARC modes, panel switches, and working MFDs with four displays. Includes a center pedestal with throttles, radios and the MS FS2000 GPS. Includes missing gear lever gauge and updated panel.cfg By Paul Schwerdtfeger. 1.5MB
Boeing 737-200 panel Final Version. Created by: Dale Britton Here it is. My final version of this panel with lot's of thanks to those out there in flight sim land who helped me with improvments on it. It now has a lot of new features you will enjoy including, cockpit views, pushback, yoke, new gauges and night "pink" gauge lighting and a bit more. I also found some cool gauges for it that I think more accurately reflect the true gauges found on the real panel. (At least they do from the picture I have!) And of course, I took some inventors creative liberties with the panel .bmp!. 4.5MB

Generic gaming panel - this is for any jet or v jet or verti plane. Isaiah B. Rook from a Dwight Booth original. 754K
FS2000 Panel for Cessna 150/152 Panel for Cessna 150 and 152 based on real pictures, of Paul Beardsley's aircraft. It includes cockpit views. This panel uses FS2000 Bendix-King radio gauges and there is also a version using FS2000 Pro Collins radios. Special features: panel enlarges when necessary for better readability, altimeter zoom for barometric pressure adjustment, removable yokes with chronometer, Vspeed/checklist panel in english, french, german, spanish and italian. FS2000 GPS installed. Designed by Jean-Pierre Langer. Specific gauges by Arne Bartels. 3.3MB

FS2000 Panel Panel for the Commander 500s "Shrike" in wood trim. Panel has been updated for FS2000, This panel was made from a photos of an early sixties wood trimed panel and a later panel with an updated gauge arraingement. Note: this panel will probably require a 17" or larger screen, set at 32 bit color and minimum 1024x760 resolution with a good video card! By Scott Thomas, with some drawing elements by Michael Tscherdantzew Jr. 3.4MB