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Panels Page 35
FS2000 Close-up Cessna panel. So far i have never designed any kind of close up panels, but I think that this panel is defentely a good one! This panel is photoreal and can be used with every kind Cessna's. This panel got everything you want! Autopilot, light, engine instruments, IFR instruments, throttle and radiostuck. And off course you can also find a new winampskin! Frank Elfert. 1.2MB
FS2000 Lear Jet R-145 panel, beta version, by Eelco Poelsma. 226K

FS2000 Boeing 767-300ER panel. This version got everthing you can suspect. Wipers, throttle, radiostuck, warning windows, cabin sign's, compass and off course also GPS. And you can also find 2 new internal views! This panel is also fully compatible with: VCP2000, GPWS 98/2000, Flightdeck 2000, Airport V1, V2 and V3 ready! . Configured by Frank Elfert. 3.5MB
Fs2000 panel BAC1-11 twin-engined jet airliner. Best in 1024x768 resolution. Features nightlit gauges (Makepink), and default gauges. Includes default GPS, radios and throttles on separate panels activated by the FS2000 toggle buttons. By Saverio Maurri. 914K

FS2000 Yakovlev Yak-40 Panel. Very detailled Panel for the Yakovlev Yak-40. A completely new Version with a fully reworked Bitmap, more realistic Gauges and almost no dummy switches. Altimeter, Vertical Speed, Airspeed and Radioalt are metric Gauges like they are in the real Yak-40 cockpit. Almost all Instruments are illuminated at night. By Matthias Lieberecht. 1.3MB

FS2000 Alternative 2 engine jet panel. Configured By Frank Elfert. 1.2MB

FS2000 MCDONNELL DOUGLAS MD-8X PANEL FS2000 only. This panel is an all-new release for MD-80 series aircraft. Almost all the gauge bitmaps were re-made to accurately represent the true "look" of a newer MD-80 aircraft. Extensive use of photos were used in the design of this panel. A TRUE FS2K flight model. By Charles Fox. 3.3MB

UPDATED FS2000 4-Engine Panel assembled for use with any 4-engine turbo prop or is also sutible for any 4-engine jet. It was originally put together for the P-3 Orion because I could not find a suitible panel for 4-engine aircraft. Assembled by Duward Bixler. 233K
FS2000 Learjet 45 panel (can also be used by other small 2 jet engine aircrafts), In this version i have changed and add a lots of things. This panel has: Fully Internal views, real working wipers, radiostuck, intergrated GPS, a special fuel window, a warning window, compass and off course is this panel also fully compatible. 3MB