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McDonnell Douglas DC-9-51 Panel *BETA RELEASE* For Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 Beta Release 1: A highly accurate DC-9-51 panel for FS98. Can also be used to represent some models of the DC-9-30's and -41's. Created using custom made gauges in extreme detail and realism. Created using manuals, charts, digrams, pictures, as well as advice from a real DC-9 pilot and mechanic. Based off of a real Hawaiian Airlines DC-9-51 (N601AP) cockpit. Comes in two different versions, you have the option of using a dirty-n-used panel, or a nicely kept, clean version. WARNING: This is an early release! Use at your own risk! You must have the Flight Sim 98 Converter AND Patch Set 1 installed! By Bryan Shirota & Geir Olsen. 1.6MB
Passenger window view, in the middle of the plane (Wing view) for the B737_400. Francisco Moreno. 391K
Two single prop panels for fixed or raised gear aircraft. Both come with programmable progps5 by Chuck Dome. Alternatively they can both accommodate Chuck's execellent Bengps, or Alain Capt's execellent ACS.GPS98-V3, ACS.GPS98-KLN90B-CRT or ACS.GPS98-KLN90B-LCD. Designed by Bob Jones. 507K

FS2000 Dash-8-Q400 The main panel bitmap displays all of the photographs original details. The functioning gauges are accessable in neatly arranged windows at the bottom of the screen. For 1024 x768 resolution. Vanessa Leightower. 1.5MB
FS2000 General Dynamics F-16A photoreal panel and interior views . Optimized for 1024X768, requires FS2000 gauges. By Jeff Leezer. 2MB

FS2000 Overhead Panel for airplanes & helicopters by Thomas M. Schulz (TMS) Tired of switching panels off for better ground view and back on to control your aircraft? Use of an overhead-panel gives a good view at the scenery below and supplies the neccessary information about airspeed, attitude, heading and more at the same time. Testet in 1280x1024 and 800x600 Res. and 2D/3DFX. 153K
FS2000 panel--Lockheed SR-71 supersonic recon aircraft. Requires ACS-GPS98. By Francisco Moreno. 1.4MB
FS2000 Bombardier CRJ Panel. For use with CRJ-series regional airliners or similar regional or corporate twin jets. By Chuck Dome. 314K
Gloster Gladiator panel. Photo perfect panel with I hope the correct gauges in most places Burl wood veneer housing the classic gauges. Catch the moving stick Ring with a hand, button on the firing button. Now if I could find the plane!! Have fun using it. R. E. Turner Msgt USAF Retired. 705K

Saab 340B First Officer Panel V2.0. A close to 100% accurate portrayal of the Saab 340B as operated by a major US regional airline. Improvements in V2.0 include: Brought up to the same standard as the Captain panel, Overhauled panel design, Instrument lighting at night, new overhead panel. Works in 1024x768 and 800x600 (full screen). Works in 3D mode. By Eric W. Ernst. 405K