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Panel for FS2000: Panavia Tornado Uses only Fs2k default gauges. Original Bitmap by Phil Perrot; Rework for fs2000 by Marco Spada. 118K
1962 B-33 Beech Debonair including all interior views,panel, and cowling view made from digitized photos from my real aircraft in flight. Includes aircraft flight model and plane-original by Michael Verlin and Dennis Wasnich-repainted to match my plane by me. You must have the pro version of fs2000 to utilize the panel and run in 1024 res or higher -the interior views/plane should work with any version.By Geof Applegate

Boeing 717 Freeware Version 5.1 for use with FS2000, and compatible with all known 3D graphics cards. This panel is designed to be used at a minimum of 1024 x 768 (but will work at 800 x 600) Microsoft FS2000 Patch **ESSENTIAL** This panel is graphic intensive, and is intended only for higher end PC's. Slower machines will work, but with very slow frame rates.  It was built and tested on a PII 450mhz, Geforce Pro powered PC and it should perform as well, if not better than the FS2000 default aircraft. by Roy Chaffin, 3.1MB
FS2000\FS98 Aerobatic Aircraft Panel This is a panel designed especially for aerobatic monoplanes that have steel tube frames on the interior. (Designed for 800x600 resoloution) By Jason L. Terry. 249K
FS2000 B747 panel optimized for a 17" screen at 1024X768 resolution. Only approximates the real panel. 30 MSFS98 gauges madepink (Chuck Dome's application) included. by Allen Lavigne. 1.7MB

FS2000 Analog 737 panel representative of the state of the art in avionics during the sixties and seventies.Created with default FS2000 gauges and a rework of Olav Roennigen's original bitmap. Designed and tested in 1024X768. Tested in 3D. By Fatty Galoot. 170K

The worlds slimmest fs-98 panel THE PANORAMA 2000 By Clas Holm, SWEDEN This panel is made for lowriding with ultimate VFR wiew. To the leftmost there is a radaraltitude gauge to monitor true altitude. Great for landing practice too. 433K
Fs98/CFS/FS2000 Panel for Sr-71 Blackbird High speed reconnaissance aircraft. Features: Photorealistic panel, based on original cockpit and instrument pictures. Perspective-distorted and shaded gauges to fit in the original photo. Special Sr-71 gauges. New air-file to convert the aircraft more realistic and more enjoyable to fly. Working autopilot up to 3 Mach and 80000 feet By Peter Pellionis. 1.3MB
FS2000 Beechraft Beech Baron B58 - Uses only fs2000 default gauges. Rework by Marco Spada. 225K
FS2000 Panel of the Antonov AN-24 This AN-24 Panel is based on the panel of Dmitry Prosko , and includes a simple Overhead- and Radiopanel. It was designed with 3d-technology. Recommended resolution : 1152x864- By Marcel Felde. Gauges by Dmitry Prosko. 1.3MB