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FS2000 Pitts S-1S Special The Pitts is fully aerobatic with structural limits of +6 and -3 G's. The S1-S achieved its finest moment during the 1972 World Aerobatic Championship in Salon de Provence, France. Charlie Hillard used the Pitts unique characteristics to perform his signature "Torque Roll," a delayed tail slide where the aircraft continues to roll while falling backward. His four minute freestyle performance earned his and America's first World Championship (also the only time a biplane won the World Championships). Includes instrument panel, full moving parts, virtual cockpit with transparent floorwindow . Paintjob based on Rich Blood's and Zak Larue-Buckley's original repaint. Plane by Mikko Maliniemi. 381K

Mooney TLS that was designed carefully in FSDS pro to be completely frame rate friendly, but with high quality.Moving gear,rotating prop, lights, and a default mooney air file.For use when you have that scenery cranked up and hopping around.Plane by Cecil Mancusso, Sounds by Aaron Swindle, and Panel by R.L. Clark. For FS2000 only. 3.3MB

FS2000 Christen Eagle II Developed in the late 1970s, the Christen Eagle II set a new mark of excellence for home built kit aircraft. The Eagle II, based on the famous Pitts Special, was designed by Frank Christensen as an unlimited class aerobatic aircraft that could be used for competition, advanced aerobatic training and sport cross-country flying. Since its introduction, more than a thousand Eagle IIs have found homes with both professional and amateur pilots alike. Includes full moving parts, virtual cockpit and instrument panel. Original panel by J.L.Stubbs (modified by me). By Mikko Maliniemi. 458K

Embraer EMB-110 da TransBrasil na Versão ´´SUN´´ Paint: Eurico F. de Oliveira. 267K

FS2000 Beechcraft Bonanza F33A Version 2 AFX: Dennis Wasnich FDE, Paint and Panel: Michael Verlin Features new panel and paint. 1.9MB

FS2000 Piper J-3 Cub Maximum Complexity visual model. Designer : Manuel Medel; Flight Dynamics : Steve Small; Panel : Yannick Lavigne; Sounds : Aaron Swindle. Supported by FlightSim Developers. 8.6MB

FS2000 Antonov AN-70 Transporter. The 1st propfan powered aircraft being produced both as a large military & civil transporter. Designed with FSDS & includes moving parts, hight quality 3d textures, transparent cockpit, twin turbofans & opening rear loading door. By OMC'99. 570K.

FS2000 Nightwolf Air Service DHC2 Beaver. 3 versions - Land, Water & Snow landing gear. Fred Banting original Repaint by Fred Choate This is the Fred Banting DHC2 Beaver with theNightwolf Air Service livery. Nightwolf Air Service uses this plane for private charters, aerial photography, and for just having some fun. This file contains all the files needed for ALL THREE VERSIONS of the plane, and the panel. By Fred Choate. 6.8MB

Piper Saratoga II TC FS2000 Only Version 1.0 Aircraft: Piper Saratoga II TC Created 30/Sept/2000 1.0 With FSDS and Aircraft Animator Abacus Version 1.0 Freware. Gauges: download Flightsim Designed Aircraft: Marcelo Cánovas Painted Aircraft: Marcelo Cánovas Panel: Bitmap Original FSD, Repainted for Marcelo Cánovas & Raul Acevedo FDE:Dennis Wasnich. 793K

FS2000 South African Express De Havilland Dash8 with panel. Highly detailed textures includes full night lighting with realistic internal cockpit lighting at night and view of the pilots. This aircraft includes full moving parts 3D turbo prop air intakes, very realistic gear animation all coupled to a very stable flight module makes this plane a joy to fly Original aircraft by Christian Schweikl and textures by Mike Hattingh. Panel by Freddy Wilhelmsen. 1.5MB