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FS2000 Pro U.S. Army Beechcraft C-90 US Army Beechcraft C-90. Model for FS2000 Pro only. Full moving parts, including cabin door, The King Air C-90 was used as a VIP short hop transfer plane until the bigger, faster, King Air 200 (C-12A) was requisitioned. Model designed byTomohito UNAYAMA(as UNAMAN), Dynamics by Michael Verlin, U.S. Army repaint by Scott Thompson. 339K

FS2000 Piper PA -38 Tomahawk, registration CC-PAL. Includes: - Full moving parts: Ailerons, elevators, rudders, flaps. - Full lights: Navigation lights, strobes, landing light - Nightlight effects on cockpit - Transparent windows - Many details as: pitot pressure chamber, antennas, fuel tank cap etc. - Realistic Textures and original paint design About the Panel - Custom Panel and gauges...full View. - Realistic light effects on Gauges - Nightlight effects on Panel - Checklist and Reference text. About the Flight Dynamics -Realistic performance based on Cessna's documents and experimented Tomahawk's pilot observations...and our own experience on real flight and MFS. - Similar behavior comparative with the real airplane - Real weight and balance. * PDF document with more information is added to the model. Two person on board. 4MB

FS2000 - U.S. ARMY Cessna O-1E/L-19 Aircraft The O-1E Bird Dog, originally designated L-19A, was built by the Cessna Aircraft Company of Wichita, Kansas. It was the 1950 competition for a new two-seat liason and observation monoplane. Deliveries of the aircraft began in December 1950. The O-1E was used extensively in Vietnam by the U.S. Army, Marine Corps, and Air Force. It was the primary aircraft used by the Air Force Forward Controllers in Vietnam. This is an FSDS aircraft with custom panel, custom gauges, transparent cockpit and full moving parts, including rolling wheels. By Chuck Dome. Repaint by Bob Bongiovanni. 723K

FS2000 Pro U.S. Army Guard U-21 Army Guard Units used the King Air C-90B (U-21) as a VIP transfer plane for high brass, State, and Government officials. In tribute to my Father Ray Thompson who flew the U-21. Military version had 320KTAS cruise & 35000 ft service ceiling. Designed by Kazuyoshi Furuya. Air File and Textures by Scott Thompson. 299K

FS2000 Extra 300 "Halcones" aerobatic team The Halcones Aerobatic Team use 5 airplanes for the show and 2 for reservation on the ground. Built in Germany by Walter Extra.The Extra 300 is powered by the 300 Hp Lycoming AEIO 540-L1B5 engine, giving it the ability to fly from hovering speeds to a fast stage-transiting speed of 250 mph (400+ kilometers per hour). A maximum roll rate in excess of 340 degrees per second, coupled with a body-crunching +/- 10 "G" Load Factor and 3200 feet per minute climb rate make the German-built Extra 300 the right aircraft to promote flight safety and the thrill of aviation. Includes full moving parts, virtual cockpit and an instrument panel. Aircraft designed by Mikko Maliniemi. Panel and Repaint by Claudio Rojas. 454K
FS2000 Civil Air Patrol L-4A Light Aircraft The L-4A series aircraft were militarized versions of one of the most famous light aircraft, the Piper J3C-65 Cub. Over 5,500 of these aircraft were ordered and built for the U.S. Army Air Forces (USAAF), U.S. Navy (USN) and U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) during World War II. During WW II, "Grasshoppers" performed a wide variety of functions throughout the world such as for artillery fire direction, pilot training, glider pilot instruction, courier service and front-line liaison. Members of the Civil Air Patrol flew thousands of hours in light planes such as the L-4A searching for enemy submarines in U.S. coastal waters. This is an FSDS aircraft with custom panel, custom gauges, transparent cockpit and full moving parts, including rolling wheels. By Chuck Dome. Public Domain. 956K
FS2000 U.S. Army Cessna 402. An FSDS aircraft with 512x512 textures, full moving parts, nav and strobe lights, custom panel, custom gauges and a custom flight model. This version is an upgrade that now includes rolling wheels, landing lights and a transparent cockpit. By Chuck Dome. Repainted by Bob Bongiovanni. 658K

FS2000 DeHavilland DHC6 Twin Otter WINAIR - Reg ID: PJ-WIH Windward Islands Airways provides daily flights to St.Thomas, Tortola, St Kitts, from its base St Maarteen in the Caribbean. All New Ver 6 Aircraft including FS2002 PRO Airfile with Full Moving Parts and Night Effects. A/C Design & Paint : Barry Blaisdell Premier Aircraft Design. 191K

FS2000 Allegheny Convair 580 This is a repaint of a Frank Safranek model modified by Dee Waldron. It is an updated model of the older Convair. No more 2D wings and tails. A nice 3D model with moving parts, spinning props, and moveable controls and flaps. 413K