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Birmingham (UK) City Centre Detailed scenery for FS2000 of Birmingham City Centre with West Midlands road network plus some dynamic scenery (rail). By David Morgan. 901K
FS2000 Richmond International Airport, Va. A rework of KRIC for FS2000 only. Includes static aircraft and new taxiways. Also includes night lights, hangars, boarding ramps, etc. for added realism. By Greg Hopkins. 1.4MB
Lake Lynn, Alaska is located about 55 miles from Valdez, Alaska on a heading of 324 degrees. This is a bush pilot training outpost. It contains a 750 foot by 40 foot gravel runway, with a lake at each end of the runway and tall trees beyond that. Not for the lighthearted and is a most challenging outpost to fly to. As always deer are plentyful and there is a cabin located there if you want to spend the night. Enjoy it!! Scenery by Don Moser. 363K
FS2000 Scenery of Canaima National Park Covers an area of more than 18000 km2, located to the South-East of Venezuela and conformed by mountains with form of plateaus called "tepuy". With the Salto Angel, the highest fall of water of the world, with 980 mts of height Requires textures Airport and VODTEX By David Maldonado. 1MB
Nelsons Outpost is located 136 miles almost due North of Valdez, Alaska and is a great getaway for hunting, fishing and relaxing. It has a 1500 by 40 foot grass strip and also has a great water runway with fairly clean approach and departure areas. It has the customary animals, so be careful! The scenery is very colorful in the fall and will be enjoyed by naturalists. Enjoy it!! Scenery by Don Moser. 558K
Scenery for FS2k RAF St Mawgan/Newquay Airport, UK. Using Airport V2-65 I have recreated RAF St Mawgan/ Newquay Airport. It is situated on the North Cornish coast between Newquay and Padstow. It is still an operational RAF station and it is also Newquay airport which is used by Skybus and BA Express (ex Brymon Airways). I cannot think of another RAF Operational station that is also a civilian airport. Perhaps someone knows of others. I would also like to thank David Andrew Green for allowing me to use the HAS ( hardened aircraft shelters). by Paul Roberts. 224K

FS2000 scenery - Wrangel Island. By Alexander Belov Wrangel Island, is located in the Arctic Ocean between the East Siberian Sea and the Chukchi Sea and separated from the mainland by De Long Strait. It has an area of about 4660 sq km for bush piloting in Polar region. 627K

Patch for Wrangel Island scenery for MSFS2000 (wrangel.zip). By Alexander Belov Corrected NDB frequency to 410 kHz according to Jeppesen high/low altitude enroute charts EA(H/L)12. Updated radar macros. 130K

PHOENIX AREA TERRAIN MESH (30 METER RESOLUTION) The city known as the Valley of the Sun is not without its surrounding mountains that offer spectacular views of the city and looking south, the Sonoran desert stretch of southern Arizona. This terrain mesh for the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 covers an area from northwest of the city, to the outskirts of Tucson. It will merge well with my previously released Tucson Terrain Mesh (30 meter resolution). Ideal for VFR flying, the area offers many airports, including the Evergreen Air Center (KMZJ) at Marana, where you can drop your old airliner for a "facelift" or its final demise. By Orlando Sotomayor. 2.7MB

FS2000 Scenery - FirstAir Field Firstair is a General Aviation airport in Monroe, Washington, and is due east of Harvey Field. All structures on the airport are photorealistic, hand made from my own photos. The ground surface is created from the USGS doqq. By Bob Bernstein. 1.3MB

Kidds Cabins is a small get away in the mountains, hidden in a valley with some beautiful surrounding it. It has a 1500 foot long gravel runway and is heavily wooded, making it a very nice, quiet place to collect your thoughts. Enjoy it and watch out for the animals. Scenery by Don Moser. 383K



FS2000 TUCSON TERRAIN MESH (30 meter resolution) Tucson has some fine mountains close by and is an important center for aviation. This very high resolution terrain mesh is my first attempt at rendering the fine detail of this Arizona topography for the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000. By Orlando Sotomayor. 2MB

Dynamic American Airports. A collection of American dynamic sceneries from FS98 that work seemlessly with FS2000. Miami, Chicago, Tampa, Houston, San Francisco with more to follow. John Taft. 3.7MB