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Baleric Islands, Spain For Fs2000. June 2001 This version contains the following improvements in comparison with balear2k: All the airports reconstructed with the magnify program NOVA of Rafael Sanchez where the illuminated buildings can be appreciated at night. They have been renewed textures 004b2xxx.bmp but real that affect to the three islands. In Majorca Mesh Terrain has been used that gives a very beautiful aspect to the group of the isla. It includes the Charterhouse of Valldemosa N39 41 14/E2 37 54, the medieval mansion of they Son Vivot N39 44 50/E3 01 19 and many details but. Lighthouses that illuminate the sky at night. Many Buildings that at night are illuminated. Ships in the ports. etc.Una returned at night by any island comes guided by the illuminations of the lighthouses and hotels of the costs. By Toni Agramont.

Part 1 4.3MB

Part 2 4.6MB

FS2000 Hezarfen Airfield (Istanbul-Turkey) Hezarfen is a small, private airfield nearby the city of Istanbul.The airfield has a 700m (2300ft) asphalt runway and it is mainly used by general aviation aircraft.This scenery includes; taxiways, custom-made buildings, static aircrafts, trees, some VFR landmarks and much more.Scenery files are clearly identified for static aircrafts and trees which can be omitted to trade frame rates if required.This scenery is great for VFR flying.A chart of the aerodrome is also included.By Baris Unal. 989K
FS2000 SCOTLAND AIRPORTS - SCTLND01 Enhancement of all FS2000 default Scotland airports and addition of lighthouses and most private airports to allow use of Bob Wittick's 'Aeronautical Tours of Scotland' document (tour update also included) By Dick Graham. 2.9MB
SALT LAKE CITY REGION SCENERY This FS2000 terrain mesh file and scenery additions and corrections, based on elevation points spaced 30 meters apart, covers the Salt Lake City region in Utah, USA. The seat of the 2002 Winter Olympic games, the city is surrounded by rugged mountains, canyons and scenic water bodies, including the Great Salt Lake to the north. This scenery includes a well-formed Antelope Island at the Great Salt Lake, plus the most important rivers and reservoirs east of the Wasatch mountains. By Orlando Sotomayor. 4.1MB
FS2000 Replacement clouds v3.0 special edition Real pack 3, are the same quality like the previous v3.0 real pack 1, 160 clouds include, regular clouds, thunderstorm and Jet trails, cirrus, cumulus, stratus, cumulonimbus, (few, broken, scattered, above, overcast. Realistic clouds and they looks excellent far and near them. Make those stratus, cumulus and thunderstorm clouds very realistic. These clouds are created by Chris Willis (Chris). 2.5MB
FS2000 Scenery-Aberdeen v1 This is a highly detailed scenery of Aberdeen Airport in Scotland made with custom macros with hand finished textures featuring night lighting,static aircraft and ground equipment.Also included are screenshots of the up and coming Leeds/Bradford scenery. By Paul Baines. 2.9MB
FS2000 Scenery for Top Secret Groom Lake Air Force Base (aka Area 51 or Dreamland) 75 Miles Northwest of Las Vegas. Highly accurate version based on recent 1 Meter (3.2 Ft) Satellite Imagery and Data (Russian Aviation and Space Agency). Known to be used for Prototyping of Military aircraft such as the F-117, SR-71 and U2. Features 32 acre munitions storage facility, Bunkers, Complex layout, Tanks, Burn pits, Large Runways (one extends onto the dried up lake totaling 25,300ft), Hangar 18 capable of housing aircraft with a wingspan of 235 feet and TEMPEST certified Intelligence and cryptological vault. Also thought of as a UFO storage site. With detailed documentation and diags. Developed by Jamie Al-Nasir. 200K
FS2000 Carsamba Airport - LTFH (Samsun, Turkey) The old, small airport in the city of Samsun can not meet the needs of large aircraft so Carsamba Airport is built.Carsamba has one concrete runway which is 3000m (9842foot) in length.Its apron can accommodate 2 large jets.This scenery includes realistic buildings&control tower, all taxisigns, taxilines, precise apron markings, new navigational aids, static aircraft&airport vehicles and much more.AFD files are included so that the airport will be visible both on the GPS and on the map view.A real aerodrome chart is also included.By Baris Unal. 890K
FS2000 Scenery--Dynamic Scenery for Tampa These files add dynamic and static aircraft to Chris Gilberts'scenery for Tampa International airport in Tampa Florida (KTPA). .By Gary D.Jones. 1.1MB
FS2000 South Florida Scenery Update (version 3b) requires previous installation of Version 3a ("SFLv3a1.zip" onclick="NewWindow(this.href,'name','730','400','yes');return false"> & "SFLv3a2.zip" onclick="NewWindow(this.href,'name','730','400','yes');return false">). Features "Nova" docking systems, bug fixes, new lighthouses and airport beacons with rotating beams, many new 3D objects, bridges, etc. Scenery now extends North to Lat. 27:35 Automated "install" and "patch" programs. "Nova" textures required. FS2000 only. Scenery by Bob Stellwagen . 2.7MB