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Scenery Page 39
FS-2000 Scenery Of the 5th runway of Schiphol EHAM Hi this is the first scenery Ive made. Before this Ive made an A-340, A-380 and DC-9 panel. The 5th runway of Schiphol is yet not build, but the work finishes in 2003. The runway is 3800m long an 75m wide. There is one taxilane coming from the airport. The runway is build because you fly over areas where not many people live. I also included the new highway called the A-5. 286K

Project Hudson for FS2000. Photorealistic scenery for the state/city of New York. This version is mainly for Staten Island and sorrounding areas. Plus it includes more than 150 real buildings in Staten Island and Manhattan. Also a realistic representation of Linden area and airport. 4 files. By Gregory Soldoambeaux.

Part 1 1.8MB

Part 2 484K

Part 3 19MB

Part 4 6.5MB

Patch - Project Hudson for FS2000 Patch 1. Photorealistic scenery for the state/city of New York. In this patch the non-showing textures problem has been solved. Also when downloading this file you DON'T have to download the hud100d.zip file anymore. By Gregory Soldoambeaux. 14MB

FS2000 Scenery - Kodiak Mun. and Lilly Lake No. 4 in the Alaska Floatplane Base series. Enhances Kodiak Municipal (KDK) and Lilly Lake (9Z3) the adjoining floatplane base. Included is scenery for the new Alaskan Winds Kodiak Hub. This scenery is as accurate as possible within the limits of the Flight Simulator. By Tom Fica. 2.6MB
LFBZ for FS2000 v1.0 Biarritz Parme airport (France), created for FS2000, is a scenery based on the real airport. "As real as it gets !" It desserves Biarritz, Anglet and Bayonne towns, and receives aircrafts from every European country. Beautiful night and day textures and a complete documentation. By Renaud EMONT. 2.7MB
FS2000 Scenery-Maui_A Offshore Gas Rig V1 New Zealand Maui_A is NZ's main offshore rig providing 70% of NZ's Natural Gas. Situated 35 Km off the Taranaki Coast in 110 m of water. Scenery contains over sized lighted helipad+fuel box,illuminated & animated windsock, oil worker,moving oil machinery,rotating drill, ramp lights, swaying illuminated buoys, nightlights, chimney+smoke plume changes direction with wind, rotating radar.Incudes actual NDB and fictional DME & ATIS... 266K
FS2000 Scenery, Joplin2k, Joplin Missouri. . Joplin Regional Airport (KJLN) This is a highly acurate repesentation of the airport in Joplin Missouri. It includes all taxiway and runway signs. Also included is a generalized representaion of the major streets and buildings of the city .Requires VOD 3.0, APT 2.x textures and fs20002b patch. Joplin2k by John Fay. 1.2MB
Scenery for Dublin, Ireland. V3.00 For FS2000 Dublin Airport, Casement Aerodrome and Weston Airfield. Including surrounding terrain and navaids. By Terry Gaff. 5.3MB
FS2000 Scenery Wycombe Air Centre UK (Booker) Version2 Using up to date photographs supplied by Alan Smith and using Airport 2.60 I have recreated an up to date Booker. This scenery includes custom built Control Tower, Hangers, Launch control bus and other buildings. Also I have included Stokenchurch comms Tower. Author Paul Roberts. 559K
FS2000 London Heathrow Dynamic Scenery. This file adds some dynamic aircraft and static aircraft to the default London Heathrow Airport scenery in FS2000. The aircraft are taking off from runway 90R and landing on runway 90L. This is my first try at scenery so I apologise for any errors now. Author Terry Williams. 2.2MB
FS2000 Scenery executed Przemyslaw Tabisz, Wroclaw, Poland. Is this version No 2.01. of scenery. Contains airfield Wroclaw Strachowice and schematic city. Additionally two airfields aeroclub. Przemyslaw Tabisz. 843K