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Scenery Page 42
FS2000 Road textures replacement Replace your road textures with a double road avenue. Made by Pablo Garzón Gavilanes. 87K
FS2000 Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport. Scenery for Cincinnati International Airport of Cincinnati, Ohio, compatible with FS2000 only. Located near Covington, Kentucky, Cincinnati Airport is a medium-size airport that has seen dramatic growth over the last several years. It is the center of DHL U.S. operations and Delta Airline's second largest hub ( when including Delta Connection/Comair flights). By Christopher Gilbert. 3.8MB
FS2000 Replacement Grass Texture. By Ross Taylor
FS2000 Humberside, UK, provides night lighting and a number of scenery refinements. For FS2000 By Steve Chase. 1.7MB
FS2000 Hong Kong Static Scenery This is a very accurate and highly realistic scenery for Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong. It includes static aircafts, trucks, cars and a lot more. You will be able to depart from gates and use docking systems. You 'll need FS2000 and Thomas Kwong excellent KT2000V3.zip scenery (Here). By Cédric Justin. 1.2MB
Waterford Regional Airport, Waterford, Ireland for FS2000. Contains 3D custom made objects. Made with Airport 2.10 and FSDS. By Mark Dwyer. 246K
OR05-Flying M Ranch, Oregon - Cool Edition Scenery for FS2000 by Richard Goldstein www.georender.com This is a Winter version of my Flying M Ranch scenery which was released last March. Physically it is identical to the original scenery, only the textures have been repainted. The airfield is rendered and repainted in ˝ meter resolution. Users of 'Voodoo' graphics cards will not be able to take advantage of this higher resolution. Flying M Ranch is a very challenging airstrip set in a valley SW of Portland, Oregon. There is a single 2135' turf/gravel runway, which is blocked at the western end by trees and a fence. Buildings, fences, trees and power cables close to the runway add to the challenge. The combination of terrain SDK, Photo-textured Terrabuilder Pro mesh, and detailed objects breathe life into this small but charming airstrip. 4.7MB
FS2000 LFEA: . This scene is the part one of project "Belle Ile en mer" who cover the island in integrality. whith " Le Palais, Sauzon, Loc Maria, alls beachs and sites, lights houses, hotels...". " Belle Ile en mer is " la plus belle ile vue du ciel " logo from aero club de Belle Ile. A small fairly Airport located in "Belle Ile en Mer" island near Quiberon "Morbihan" Bretagne, France. It is a realistic scene made from grounds and aerials photographics pictures (june 2001). This scenery is only for FS2000 or Fs2000 PRO. All textures ares provided for this scenery. It is recommended to desactivate "Mip Mapping" in Fs2000 Display parameters (textures will be more sharp). this scenery is not really for slow computer... by Serge FAVRAUD. 1.8MB
FS2000 Liverpool John Lennon Airport, UK. By A1 Scenery Club. Version EGGPv1.0 All new scenery for Liverpool Int. and surrounding area. Fully compatible with FSNav and all other addons. 4.2MB
(LFDH) Auch-Lamothe, France. Scenery for FS2000 Located in south/west of France, Auch-Lamothe airport is about 39Nm (72Km), head on 280 ° from my favourite airport (LFCL). Auch-Lamothe is in the heart of the Gers department, a country renowned for her beauty and quality of life. managing 20000 flights a years, with a 1500 m paved runway fitted for night flight as well as a 800 m grass runway.In real fly, this airport can give some small difficulties indeed it's important to know that this ground is shaped with a NORTH / SOUTH orientation wich is PERPENDICULAR to the main winds, and that being situated at the bottom of a valley, the wind in height is often invisible. It is not so rare that the wind-sock is hanging, while there is 10 to 15 knots of cross-wind at 100 feet. Runway run off are relatively frequent for this reason. Caution in particular during Autan's wind (east wind) situations on the Toulousian plain. So, do not hesitate to set cross-wind with your favourite FS to know those stress sensations which stimulate blood circulation!... By Patrick Castay. 3.8MB