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Alaskan Commuter 5: The Northern Mainland For FS2000: Alaskan Commuter 5 - The Northern Mainland: Part 1 Alaskan Commuter 5,6,7 – Airports in Alaska and British Columbia: A 3 part series (45 default airports in all) in Alaska and British Columbia.

Part 1 and 2 are airports found within the borders of Alaska itself.

Part 3 includes 21 airports in British Columbia connecting Alaska to the lower 48. Aviators can start at Seattle and fly the coastal route to Ketchikan and beyond, or start at Glacier International Airport in Kalispell, Montana, and fly the backbone of the Canadian Rockies to Northway, AK. With Part 1 and 2, a pilot can continue on to the Bering Sea. Airports are spread out in 100-150 mile hops. This download was created with Terrain Mesh, but works with default scenery as well. Replaces "Nasports" and adds additional scenery, one of a kind macros, and airports to that package. By Dave Erickson Size 4.3 MB

Part 2 3.3MB

Part 3 4.9MB

See: Yukon Charter Services: Whitehorse below

FS2000 Niederstetten Army (ETHN) for FS2000 (08/2001) Ver. 1.90 ETHN are one of the oldest Military-Airportīs from Germany. There are a lot of Helicopters e.g. UH-1D. ETHN have became at the last time a new ILS, new Hangars,... For Insttalation got to reade me 2001 by Edgar Stahl. 2.3MB
Waterford Regional Airport, Waterford, Ireland for FS2000. Contains 3D custom made objects. Fixed the texture problems with the previous realease. Made with Airport 2.60 and FSDS. By Mark Dwyer. 169K
FS2000 Edwards AFB Details: Included airports: - Edwards Air Force Base - Edwards Aux North Base - Edwards Aux South Base This is the rework of an old FS5x scenery designed by Marcel Ritzema. In my opinion his work is still the best Edwards scenery ever designed for FS. No other scenery in any FS version or scenery package can compete with it. Taxiways, control tower, hangars and dry lakes just look like in reality. Designers: - scenery by Marcel Ritzema - reworked by Gregor C. Gebel. 308MB

FS2000 SCENERY FS2000 SCENERY RAF St Eval, Cornwall, UK. Circa. 1955 RAF St Eval was born to be a maritime recconnaisance airfield to protect shipping around the south-western tip of Great Britain. Building started in 1938 and the station opened in October 1939. Home to many aircraft types from Spits and Hurries, to the Lanc, and then superceded by the mighty Avro Shackleton, St Eval closed on March 6th, 1959. A single hangar and the church are still visible on the skyline. RAF St Eval........gone,...... but not forgotten. Produced by Steve Anderson. 331K
FS2000 Patch by Microsoft to remove the New York WTC - 113K.

Afghanistan - Terrain Mesh 3,75 arc/sec. Giovanni Bavarello. 8.4MB

Mesh 1 8.4MB

Mesh 3 15MB

Mesh 4 18MB

FS2000 Scenery: airport(LFEA) and island of "Belle Ile" FranceThis scenery is the complete version of the project "Belle Ile en mer" which covers the island in integrality. whith " Le Palais, Sauzon, Loc Maria, all beaches and beauty spots, lighthouses, hotels...". Belle Ile en mer is " la plus belle ile vue du ciel " logo from aero club de Belle Ile. A small fairly Airport located in "Belle Ile en Mer" island near Quiberon "Morbihan" Bretagne, France. It is a realistic scene made from grounds and aerials photographics pictures (june 2001). By Serge Favraud. 3.2MB
FS2000 Yukon Charter Services: Whitehorse - Additions to three default airports in the Yukon Territory, plus other remote bush destinations and seaplane bases. ( See Alpine Aviation Maule here) Includes Whitehorse offices for Alpine Aviation, a real life Yukon based charter service, and Nightwolf Air services, a virtual bush operation. Contains seasonal trees, with lakes that freeze during the winter. Download complements akcm7.zip (above) of the Alaskan Commuter series, and running that download with this one is strongly recommended. Works with terrain mesh scenery. By Dave Erickson. 5.8MB
FS2000 Mt. Fuji and Surrondings High Resolution Mesh This Terrain Mesh scenery cover the area included between N35 E138 - N36 E139 including Mt. Fuji (Japan). Some elevations have been hand made in order to shape Fuji as real as possible. Frames Rates are very good. By: Raimondo Taburet. 831K