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Scenery Page 5
FS2000 Mountain & Snow improved textures by G Bishop. File size 724K
Scenery for Manchester airport (UK) fs2000 only. This scenery add the second runway, downtown buildings, baloons over the airport area, and ehance the default airport, seasonal changes. Raimondo Taburet. 438K


FS2000 Scenery Update: Worldwide urban texture replacement. Fits the unrealistic urban sourronding areas of most of the cities in FS2000. By Holger Busekros und Manfred Spatz. 3MB


City of London, Ontario (FS2000 Version) by Andrew Campbell You will need Airport.2.10 (by Pascal Meziat/Manfred Moldenhauer) and VOD3.0 (by Rapael Garcia Sanchez) texture files. 228K

Fs98/Fs2000 Scenery Mount Pleasant Intl., Falkland Is. Large and detailed scenery for the main airport in the Falkland Islands. Includes ONLY the airport, not the surrounding scenery By Ignacio Allende. 361K

FS 2000 London City Airport (UK), short runway airport set near the business distric of London, by Raimondo Taburet The new files enhances London City airport with static objects. 162K
FS 2000 east midlands international airport (UK) by Raimondo Taburet The new files enhances east midland international airport with static objects. 115K
Static Scenery addon to Frankfurt am Main / EDDF for FS2000. Scenery was made with Airport 2.10. by Markus Mäkelä. 849K
Static Scenery addon to Helsinki - Vantaa for FS2000. Scenery was made with Airport 2.10. by Markus Mäkelä. 442K

Real Flight Brazilian Sceneries Authors: Márcio N Amaral, Ricardo N Amaral and Bruno S Amaral. Simple setup program. Scenery.CFG file edited automaticaly. Sceneries made with Terra Builder and Airport 2.50 Combat Flight Simulator Textures used to build terrain. Data sattelite and image used.

Realistic scenery of Fernando de Noronha´s Archipelago for FS 2000. 2.2MB

Realistic scenery of Iguassu Falls for FS 2000. 1.4MB

Realistic scenery of Neblina´s Chain for FS 2000. 2mb

CHICAGO FICTIONAL NAVAL FORCE SCENERY FOR FS2000 by Osvaldo Martinetti In this fictional scenery you can see a naval force very close to Chicago Meigs. The carrier deck and the Aegis destroyers flight decks are fully landable, so you can test your fixed wing and helicopter flying skills, and try what sailors call "helo cross deck". 73K

FS2000 scenery Kjelgaards Cabin Alaska by R. Ackerley Remote cabinsite with additional scenery for use with floatplanes in FS2000. Includes forested hills and a log cabin, resting on the shores of a landable water area. An area along the shore has been cleared of trees for wheeled aircraft. Also included is an additional remote site on landable water. This second site must be found by flying, as it does not offer a start location option. Note: Requires Airport 2.01 textures. Ron Ackerley. 213K

BLAKE RESORT BUSH PILOT SCENERY FOR FS2000 A created Bush Pilot Scenery with much to see for Turists visiting the great Alaskan outdoors. Challenging runway and lake requires Bush type aircraft or helicopters only. All files needed for a full installation are encluded. BY: Ken Nelson. 855K