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FS2000 Ocean replacement water texture. Full realistic ocean water texture for FS2000 ONLY. Features: 3D bumpy-water at ocean-state = 3. By Robert Waszkiewicz. 102K

REMOTE CABINS-SERIES1 / BUSH PILOT SCENERIES NINE scenery locations for FS2000 showing the benifits of using the FS2K Flatten Switches. Each location has its own challenge as highland and valley altitudes range from 100 to 5600 feet and spred across the FS2K Alaska Mountains. All files needed are encluded along with special installation instructions. BY: Ken Nelson. 1.1MB


LEEDS BRADFORD (UK)AIRPORT 2K VERSION 2 This is version 2 of my Leeds 2K scenery which is now complete and working properly. By Tom Stewart. 1.3MB
Pennridge Airport, Wa. Pennridge is a lovely airport with small town convenience and big town facilities. Located in eastern Pennsylvania, N70 is near Perkasie, PA. From here, it's a short hop to New York, Philadelphia, Jersey Shore, or the DC area! . Bob Bernstein. 387K
FS 2000 Canary Islands - GCCC TMA - with static aircraft, vessels, helicopters, ships, carrier and battle group. By Alfonso Bello. 2.8MB
Tuamotu Islands 2.0 for FS2000 (L.B. Martin 2k) New version, with new scenery objects, and some maps corrections. Add a Zone Map. This are three of the Tuamotu Islands (Makatea, Tikehau and Mataiva) in French Polynesia in the south Pacific. 540K

FS2000 Scenery: Beaver Lodge Alaskan Bush Scenery: "Beaver Lodge" Alaska by R. Ackerley Bush Pilots will love this new high resolution scenery. High peaks and narrow canyons separate the three included areas. Scenery includes all new high resolution buildings, animals and structures. One of a kind, location specific structures will never be repeated in any other scenery, making each area unique. No flatten switches required. This scenery uses "Airport 2.xx" scenery files. 1.3MB

Oregon Signs for FS2000. This program places airport signage at 313 airports in Oregon state. It was written for Flight Simulator 2000 and includes the name of the airport, town, elevation, ATIS, and ILS. In additon, many airports have remarks at the bottom of the sign, such as "Coyotes and dogs may dig holes in runway", "Do not land during high tide", "Gopher mounds on runway". These comments were taken from the FAA master record for each airport and make for interesting reading after you land. Signs also rotate. Hope you enjoy them. Please open orsign2k.txt file for installation instructions. John Blahm. 1MB

FS2000 static and Dynamic Scenery for Argentina V2.0 High dense dynamic scenery with aircrafts and ground vehicles. Very detailed, that covers the center and part of the south of the country (patagonia). Eleven important airports of Argentina are included ( SAEZ, SABE, SAZB, SAZM, SAAR, SACO, SAME, SAZS, SAZN, AND SAZY and the airports of Carrasco (SUMU) and Laguna del Sauce (SULS) in Uruguay). Fly in the Andes mountains and the River of the Silver !!!. Scenery designed by Raul Luis Terraz. 5MB

FS2000 static and Dynamic Scenery for Argentina V2.0 Approach graphics, SID and STAR to be used in the main airports included in the scenery of Argentina 2000 (RLTARG2K.ZIP). Scenery designed by Raśl Luis Terraz.1.3MB


FS2000 Montreal area SCENERY YUL area - Enhancement for the DEFAULT FS2K Montreal area. That is adding lights on the Olympic Stadium, Rotating Spots on Place Ville Marie, Blue Lights on the Olympic Stadium. For FS2K only with 3D. By Rejean Boudreau. 93K
Replacement airport grass textures for fs2000 These texture files were re-edited from the first version release to blend better with the surrounding land class types. By vanessa Leightower.