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Essential Files & Patches page 2
Tcdfsview Version 1.1 - 16.06.2000 FS2000 aircraft´s preview repair-tool Most third-party aircrafts have a wrong zoom value for their preview in the "choose-aircraft" menu. So the aircraft is not displayed in the correct way. Tcdfsview repairs this detail in the aicraft´s mdl-file. Very simple to use. Freeware By Tcdsoft English-Translation by Stefan Schroeder. 446K. New version updated June, 23rd, 2000.
Updated MDL Repair Utility This program will check and fix and visual model (.MDL) files for Microsoft Flight Simulator running on Windows NT/2000/XP. This is usually associated with the message "Unable to load visual model". Installation is simple. Unzip the files to any directory and run MDLRepair.exe The use of the program is described in help.htm. If you have any difficulties then please contact me with the details. Dave Parsons. 564K