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General Utilities & Upgrades page 2
Tcdfsview Version 1.1 - 16.06.2000 FS2000 aircraft´s preview repair-tool Most third-party aircrafts have a wrong zoom value for their preview in the "choose-aircraft" menu. So the aircraft is not displayed in the correct way. Tcdfsview repairs this detail in the aicraft´s mdl-file. Very simple to use. Freeware By Tcdsoft English-Translation by Stefan Schroeder. 446K. New version updated June, 23rd, 2000.


FS2000 MDL Repair Utility This program will check and fix and visual model (.MDL) files for FS2000 running on Windows 2000. Previously, some models which where over a 64K limit for the BGL instructions would fail to load with a message saying "Unable to load visual model". This will fix the problem. 8K


FS2K GPS FS2K GPS is a simple application that allows a user to easily install the FS2000 GPS into any panel. Visual Basic SP3 Runtime Files required (vb5rtsp3.zip). By Matt Kaprocki. 11K


Updated MDL Repair Utility This program will check and fix and visual model (.MDL) files for Microsoft Flight Simulator running on Windows NT/2000/XP. This is usually associated with the message "Unable to load visual model". Installation is simple. Unzip the files to any directory and run MDLRepair.exe The use of the program is described in help.htm. If you have any difficulties then please contact me with the details. Dave Parsons. 564K


Hangar Manager V2.0 Hangar Manager is a utility that makes the job of collecting and organizing the many aircraft and aircraft related components available on the internet for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 and 98 easy. It also lets you quickly and intelligently install and uninstall these components to and from the Flight Simulator directory. Author: Mark Schilberg 2.6MB

FS98 and FS2k Printable Keyboard Templates in MS Excel 95, showing the default keyboard assignments with spare formated sheets ready for you to record how you customize your keyboard, should you so desire. Freeware created by Gary Geoghegan. 21K
RainRunner: DESCRIPTION : With RainRunner you can : . Automatically start your favorite programs FS2000, RogerWilco , CH-CLIENT and any other. . Schedule to start at a given time of the day. . Immediately tell your buddies what IP they should use to connect to the game. . Change (add/delete) any program in the SEQUENCE. Author : Raffaele De Simone. 3.9MB


The Configerator 1.00 (for want of a better name) is the result of frustration at the way FS2000 messes up its Scenery Config File. Using Configerator In conjunction with "Flightzip 2000" (by Arnt Helge Haaland) to Add, Delete, Edit and Move scenery layers is easier and keeps the Scenery.cfg in order. The Configerator was developed in Visual Basic 4 .Frank Salter. 3.8MB

Air Fleet Manager Ver 1.5 - Utility for FS2000 This add-on allows to share your aircraft out between different categories you may freely create. The results: - less planes in your FS AIRCRAFT folder so FS will increase its speed loading an aircraft - no need to use the Windows Explorer to send the aircraft from one category to another; everything is done through Air Fleet Manager in a total safety way - a more logical classification of your airplanes. This 1.5 version includes all the previous revisions. By JP Pecheux. 2.9MB

UPDATE ONLY version for users of previous versions. . This needs a previous version to installed before (1.0.1 - 1.0.2 - 1.0.3 or 1.0.4). 562K

FS2000 Scenery Manager V1.1. Stores all installed Scenery from the original CFG file, can build different sets to create new CFG Files in no time. By Michael Garbers. 2.3MB