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DP-FPX Flight Plan Cross Converter & Editor Ver. Standard Functions 1. Can read the Flight Plan for FS2000 and DP-GPS tour file. 2. Edit the flight plan. 3. Convert and save the flight plan for FS2000 and DP-GPS tour file. by Masakazu Irie. 205K
NAV: A Flight Simulator scenery file viewer and flight planner. NAV is a Microsoft Flight Simulator (versions 5, 95, 98, and 2000) compatible scenery file (BGL) viewer and flight planner. NAV will show (and print) a map of all the navigational aids, runways and airports in your scenery files, let you measure distances between places, search the files for specific items, create a flight plan showing navigational aid frequencies and distance, fuel, and estimated time between references points, link to Flight Simulator to show your map position updated in real time, and control your autopilot to help you navigate. 1.7MB


FS98/FS2000 (see below*) FSNavigator: Flight Planner v 3.00, moving map and autopilot. FSNavigator v3.00 is an plugin for FS98 & FS2000. The Flight Simulator F9 key changes the FS face and FSNavigator is visible. The program connects to the flight simulator autopilot and you can fly to any destination of the world. The external program FSNavDBC creates the database from FS98 and all add-on sceneries. By Helge Schroeder. File size 4.7MB. FS2000 users - see database below

Download here


FS2000 Utility - FS2K Data for FSNav 3.0: FS2KDT60.ZIP This includes FS2000 database files for FSNav 3.0, which contain Runway & ILS information, as well as the other FS2000 NAVAIDS. This version contains all data of the previous version, and taxiways and fuel areas. Also contains corrected ATIS frequencies. NOT compatible with FSNav 2.3!! By Dennis Thompson. 3.4MB

Wind Correction Angle calculator. File size 415K. K Schroijen
World Wide ICAO Code Search-Addon NEW DATABASE FROM FS2000 WITH 21028 ICAO-CODES!!!!!!!!!!! Addon-DLL for searching ICAO-Codes Only copy the 2 Files "WAICAO.DLL + WAICAO.TXT" into the MODULES-Directory. In FS98/FS2000 you have a new menu "Get ICAO...", where you can search ICAO or airports. 21028 records By Widmann Andreas


Autoland 2000 is a simple adventure utility for FS2000/FS98 that will add autoland ability to virtually any third party aircraft, when using the autopilot's ILS "approach" mode feature. Autoland is being distributed as freeware. John Cillis 4K


FlyVFR Anywhere creates on-the-spot Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 (FS2000) adventures that allow you to fly ANY FS2000 aircraft in your hangar FROM ANY airport TO ANY airport. Jump into your Cessna 182, fly around the local area, shoot some approaches at another airport, then land back at your home field or take that new jet that you just downloaded and fly cross-country under visual flight rules (VFR). You'll have 2-way Ground Control and Tower voice takeoff, landing, and taxi communication at all of the airports as well as voice ATIS, approach options, and voice ATC chatter along your route. by Ronald G. Broyles. Useable shareware. 1.37MB


EasyNavs 2000 navaids editor for FS2K/FS9x New version 1.5 Extract and edit ILS,VOR,NDB data from BGLs Compile navaids databases to stand-alone BGLs New version improving FS2K navaids range setting and correcting several bugs Full FS2K BGL navaids format now included in the accompanying text file (EN2K.TXT) Requires VB4-32 runtime files Freeware by Hervé Sors. 80K


QuickGOTO 2000 - Utility for FS2000 Can be used to keep a list of the most frequently used departure locations, so it is no longer necessary to search for the airport through the simulator's Airport/Facilities directory and to "Slew" the aircraft to the departure gate each time. Freeware module for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000, by Luciano Napolitano. 18K


FS98/2000 add on PushBack This is the support application for Flight Simulator 98/2000 and based on Visual Basic 6.0. Only one PUSH of button, you can push back easily. Voice file is additional(Japanese voice only). 2MB