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FS2000 Sikorsky S-39 "Spirit of Africa". Amphibian NC52V built in 1932, used by Martin and Osa Johnson in Africa and Borneo. Float and wheeled versions included. Pilot moves control yoke and rudder pedals. Entry hatch opens with F8/F5. Based on air file by Alexander Belov. Cockpit and panel views from photos taken at NE Air Museum. Start at Amboseli, Kenya, and see if you can fly it over Mount Kilimanjaro. By George Diemer. 4.4MB

FS2000 and CFS2 Fairey Barracuda Mk2 A Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm Torpedo/Dive Bomber of 52 TBR Wing, H.M.S. Furious in April 1944 Includes moving surfaces, Gunners Canopy, flaps and complex undercarriage with rolling wheels. By Don Kruchek. 1.3MB


FS2000. THE HORTEN HO 229 OR H0 IX OR GOTHA GO 229. By Steve ( RATT ) Robinson. Version 1.0 This aircraft ( Version 3 ) is the first true flying wing developed by the Horten brothers in the 2nd world war in Germany. It was intended to be a single seat flying wing jet fighter-bomber capable of 607 mph. It was also believed to be stealth due to the radar absorbing paint. This version has been painted in the night fighter sqn colours of the First Gruppe of the NJG ( NachtjagdGeschwader ) 11 which was formed in 1944. It is my belief that if this aircraft reached service this is where it would have been used. There were many variants of the Ho 229 on the drawing boards including a night fighter fitted with the experimental FuG 217 Neptun J-2 radar. This radar was a medium range system used exclusively by NJG 11. 2.4MB
FS2000 DC2 Uiver Package. This pack is dedicated to the famous KLM DC2 UIVER. It contains a fotoreal panel with 8-side views. Panel and Custom gauges: Rob Cappers, gauge programming: Fred Banting. DC2 Uiver flightmodel by Don Incoll, Rob Bosman and Jan Visser. Air file by Steve Small. Also included 2 additional liveries, of the KLM PH-AKG, and the TWA Lindberg Line NC19340. 10.2MB


MSFS2002 Latecoere Late-17. By Alexander Belov, . Passenger aircraft used by Lignes Ariennes Latecoere. First flown in 1924, this aircraft was designed to replace famous Breguet 14. 23 aircraft of this type (s/n 601 - 623) were used on route Toulouse - Perpignan - Marseille and on North African routes. 589K
FS2000 Douglas DC-3 "The Great Satchmo!" This is the 1st Alaskan Winds Oldies edition. A celebration of the Centennial of the birth of the Great New Orleans musician, Louis Armstrong. New Orleans Intl Airport (MSY) has been recently renamed to Louis Armstrong New Orleans Intl Airport. Start-Up flight included. Satchmo's a repaint of an original by Jan Visser, Roy Chaffin and Bill Rambow. Repainted by Joao Paz. 4.6MB
FS2000 Douglas B-18A "Bolo" This FSDS project for FS2000 includes moving parts and some transparent windows. Includes recommendations for panel and sound (defaults are included). By Paul Clawson. 242K
FS98/FS2000 Douglas DC-4, Pan American World Airways, N90902, Clipper Roland Moving Parts Version Original design and DC-6-textures by Harry Follas and Tom Gibson. Flight Model by Brian Horsey. Modified textures by Alf Werner. DC-4 PAA NC90902 was used in Berlin-Tempelhof from 1950 to the end of the fifties. 243K
FS98/FS2000 Douglas DC-4, American Overseas Airlines, NC90902, Flagship London Moving Parts Version Original design and textures (DC-4 American Airlines) by Harry Follas and Tom Gibson. Modified textures (American Overseas Airlines) for "www.fs-eddi.de.vu" by Alf Werner. Flight Model by Brian Horsey. DC-4 AOA NC90902 was used in the Berlin-Airlift 1948-49. 216K