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Flight Simulator 98/2000 simulation of a Latécoere-28 airplane as operated by the pre-war French Aéropostale mail service. The aircraft is basically a precision-repainted FS98 conversion of Hervé Devred's FS5 Latécoere, provided with a panel from scratch, custom sounds and a realistic flight model. View the readme.txt file for more detailed information. Creation : August 2000 Creator : Charlie Rousseau. 1.8MB

CFS/FS2000 North American P-51D Mustang. 101th First Fighter Squadron Israel Air Force Includes moving parts, DP file. The model is built by Patrick DIDIER. PAT_01. original textures painted by Roger "Airbuddha" Dial. Sounds by Mike Hambly Repaint by Nir Ben-Yosef. 6.2MB

FS98/FS2000 Short S.25 Sandringham flying Boat Ansett Airways, 1953-74. Short Sandringham 4 VH-BRC "Beachcomber" in 1957 livery. All new aircraft with moving parts By Harry Follas, Flight model by Brian Horsey. 330K

FS98/FS2000 Short S.25 Sandringham flying Boat Tasman Empire Airways (TEAL) NZ LTD. TEAL used 4 Sandringhams from 1947-49 for Trans Tasman services Between Auckland and Sydney. All new aircraft with moving parts By Harry Follas, Flight model by Brian Horsey. 348K

Transocean Air Lines Boeing 377 Stratocruiser for FS2000 A joint effort by Dave McQueen (Aircraft) and Rui Cristina (Artwork). 703K

FS2000 Stearman PT-13 The Stearman PT-13 was typical of the biplane primary trainer used In the Israel Air Force Flight Scholl First in the Tel Nof AFB and then in Hazerim AFB in the 1940's. Today It's still in flying condition in the AF Museum In Hazerim AFB at beersheva. Original Aircaft:David Eckert Panel: J.L. Stubbs Repaint: Nir Ben-Josef. 715K

FS2000/FS98 Beech D-18S -Aircraft plus FS2000pro panel. Highly detailed version of the Beech D-18s, including full moving parts, transparent cockpit, 3D pilot, sunk-in radial engines, cockpit lighting & more. Flight Model by: Shlomo 'Slo Mo' Hakim 11/99. Panel by: Michael Schurz 09/00. Includes self installing archive complete with all necessary files. Package bundled by M.Schurz. 1.4MB

FS98, FS2000 Ford Flivver 3218. A single seat single 2 cyl engine light airplane with fixed landing gear and low mounted wings. Blue and white paint scheme on aircraft silver with Ford logo. Total Moving Parts and Animated Textures Aircraft by Fred Wohosky with Panel by J.L. Stubbs. 692K

FS2000 YMF-1A Bell Airacuda This unusual FSDS project includes full moving parts, transparent canopies,and a "bare metal finish. Chuck Dome's P-38 panel with a modified bitmap is included. By Paul Clawson. 388K

FS98/FS2000/CFS Short S.25 Sunderland III flying boat, W4204 Royal Air Force. 'Z' of RAF Coastal Command, 1942. This aircraft represents a war-weary Sunderland at the peak of the Battle of the Atlantic. Model has DP file for CFS, a separate scaled-up AI model is provided. By Harry Follas and Brian Horsey. Panel By Brian Horsey. 1.4MB