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Helicopters Page 13
FS2002 Antarctic CH-47 Boeing Vertol Chinook. One of the world's most popular heavy transport helicopter. Aircraft based at Marambio Airbase, in the Antarctic peninsula. Features high resolution textures, steerable rear wheels, operating rear cargo door, complete FS2K2 lights, panel with HUD, 3D crew, bigger rotor-wash effects, proper flight model. Real US Army Chinook checklist, aircraft manual and sounds. Original model by Shlomo Hakim. Sound system by Manuel Gonzalez. Paint & FS2002 update by Alberto Guerrero. 6.4MB
FS2002 Hughes 500D in italian CORPO FORESTALE DELLO STATO livery. One of the world's most popular light turbine helicopters. Features moving control surfaces, a reflect map, virtual cockpit and three different colour schemes. Model designed by By Bjorn Buchner. Repainted by Paride De Luca. 1.3MB
FS2002 Bell UH-1D SAR71 Panelfix for use with the Bell UH-1D SAR71 by Peter Salzgeber. The Panelfix resolves the Frequency-Change Problems with the includet Radio-Gauges. We use now the default "Bendix_King_Radio.gau" - Gauges. We have also added the Bell206b Throttle-Gauge on the Main-Panel (Pitch-Lever).
MI-10 Version 2_Cabin: This version fixes most of the bugs in the first version, and can run alongside the normal Version 2, or on it's own. This helicopter DOES have different flight dynamics so it is worth downloading even if you have the normal version 2. 570K
MI-10 Version 2: This version fixes most of the bugs in the first version. The Mi-10 is the heavy-lift version of the record-breaking Mi-6. 573K
FS2002 Aerospatiale (Eurocopter) SA.365C1 Dauphin 2 helicopter Designed and produced by Andrew Gilchrist Uplink Productions. 2.5MB

FS2002 Guardia di Finanza Italian Air Corps Hughes 500D ver1.1 This helicopter was constructed with GMax By Björn Büchner. Repaint for Guardia di Finanza Italian Air Corps by Roberto Piazza. 1.2MB

TDS Hispaniola V1.0 14 Seaplane Bases with Helipads 14 Seaplane piers, mostly ficticious locations in the Dominican Repubic and Haiti area, but fun nevertheless for seaplane and helicopter pilots alike. All sites have helipads and start locations. Uses NOVA textures. Second in a series by Kyle Ramsey. 2.6MB
Mil Design Bureau Mi-4. Polish Navy Transport, similar to the Sikorsky S-58. The Mi-4 was in service with the Soviet Air Force by August 1953. It has had the largest production numbers of all the Soviet helicopters. Designed by Dominic Goode. 412K
FS2002 default Agusta-Bell AB206 A-1 in Italian Police Air Service livery. Repainted fs2002 default by Roberto Piazza. The model is a real helicopter used by Italian Police. 275K