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Helicopters Page 16
Canada Rescue UH-1H Huey. This Version of Jordan Moore's Bell UH-1H "Huey" has been repainted to the Canadian Armed Forces CH-118 Iroquois Search and Rescue. the panel which Lynn Rogers has included is of Dave Haskell's "uh-1pnl2k2.zip" onclick="NewWindow(this.href,'name','730','400','yes');return false"> & sounds by Manuel Gonzalez. This is my first repaint job. Tomy"VCAF Demon"Dresdell. 6.4MB

FS2002 Westland Lynx MK 86 RNoAF The Westland Lynx is one of the most successful naval helicopters currently in service. The 337 sqn of the Royal Norwegian Air Force operate six Westland Lynx MK 86 on behalf of the Coast Guard Model by Daniel and Denis da Silva. Repaint and Lynx Mk 86 panel by Jens-Ole Kj°lberg. 1.4MB
FS2002 Agusta-Bell AB206 A1 in Italian FireBrigade Air Service livery (civil code) Repainted by Roberto Piazza. 292K
FS2000 FS2002 Super Lynx Brazilian navy. Super Lynx Marine of Brazil - Mission " to Provide the ways aerial members of the Systems of Weapons of the Ships of Surface of the Squad, in order to enlarge the possibilities of the Sensor of Board, as well as the capacity of reaction of the Ships " .The basic tasks of the Squadron is the following ones: Esclarecimento Attacks the surface objectives, Accompaniment of objectives, Designation of objectives besides the horizon (OTHT), Attacks vetorados to submarine objectives Model and Texture: Denis da Silva. 1.9MB
Augusta Westland US-101 Medium Lift Helicopter in USCG Colors . The US-101 is a proposed US variant of the Augusta Westland EH-101. The US-101 is being marketed as a next generation replacement Medium Lift Helicopter. It would replace the aging Ch-46/Ch-47, and possibly the CH-53. The US-101 is also being marketed towards the US Coast Guard for use in the Deepwater Program, a major modernization of the US Coast Guard fleet. Aircraft and panel designed by Brian Whitelegg, (Note: no transparent windows) sound system by Manuel Gonzalez. Repaint and Panel Revision by Ray Brower. 3.3MB
FS2002 Sth Louisiana 'Rescue' Scenery #1 by C.Young. First in series located in the New Orleans and South Louisiana area. . Two Pads at New Orleans Lakefront Airport. 3. US Coast Guard Station on the Lake east of New Orleans International. This has a map entry, NDB 432 and an ILS approach to the helipad on 111.25. 5. Helipad North of the Lake at Slidel, La. Airport(KASD). 12. East Jefferson Hospital east of Petrocomm NDB 354. 46. Crash of PanAM Flight 759 east of KMSY. (July 9,1982) 47. Slidel Memorial Hospital north side of Lake Pontchatrain NDB 399. 1.3MB

FS2002 Helicopter Scenery - Number 2 in New Orleans Series by Charlie Young. This installment contains a heliport downtown near the Superdome, the Jackson Barracks military establishment, a ship fire in the Mississippi River and Fire equipment plant in Holden, La. 1.4MB

Missing textures from the New Orleans Helicopter Series #2 (noser2.zip, above) 140K

FS2002 Default Agusta-Bell AB206- A1 in Italian FireBrigade Air Service livery (actual code). Improved texture with new particolary. This helicopter has the new livery and code of the italian firebrigade air service. Painted by Roberto Piazza.279K
EH-101/ US-101 Helicopter panel. Revised edition of Brian Whitelegg's EH-101 panel. I streamlined the panel and redundant gauges were removed. This is not what the panel looks like, but it more than likely uses glass cockit (CRT) displays. Revised panel by Ray Brower. 169K
FS2002 MD Helicopters MD 600N One of the world's noiseless turbine helicopters. Features moving notar-system, virtual cockpit, 2D-Cokpit by Ian Standfast and Sound by Manuel Gonzalez. By AndrÚ Kaufhold. 8.2MB