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Helicopters Page 8
FS2002 Hughes 500D Amphibian Added versatility to one of the world's most popular light turbine helicopters. Features floats, moving control surfaces, a reflect map, virtual cockpit and two different colour schemes. By Bjorn Buchner. 1.8MB



DTWD's EA Hughes Advanced 500D Sound Package. Destination craft : Bjornís Hughes 500D (not amphibian). 15.5MB

Upgrade. to get my EA Hughes 500D Sound Pack working on Bjorns new Hughes 500D Amphibian. Install my sound pack to a temp directory the copy everything over. BUT DO NOT COPY THE MDL FILE. This is very very important. Then just unzip these files over the top of the ones in the Amphibians directory. Fixed. Now the sounds will work on the Amphibian. Expect a small upgrade out in the next couple of months adding something extra to both. 7K

Mini-Panel for FS2002 This new Mini-Panel Feature a jet Panel and a Hud specialy adjust for choppers By Jean-Claude Rolland (Coco Design Unlimited) From the excellent works of Rob Barendregt and Stephen Hanley. 321K

FS2000/FS2002 RAH-66 Comanche Sikorsky/Boeing RAH-66 Comanche has Full Moving parts, Panel, Inside 7 views right to left, sounds, animated gear and gear doors, animated rotor, turbo fan, panels, gauges and a mean look. This Version is set up for CFS2 and FS2000. By Kirk Long. 6.6MB
FS2002 Enhanced rotor-wash effect v2. Adds some spray and mist over the default effect. Includes two effects -- a slight rework of my original for small choppers and a brand new one for the heavies. By Mark Luzzi aka Psychophant1. 286K
FS2002 Bell 206B & Bell OH-58 Kiowa Police & Military Complete aircraft with 9 different liverys. 2 USA, 1 Yugoslavia, 2 Canada ,3 Austria & 1 England. By Jean-Jacques Parel. 723K
FS2002 Swiss Agusta-Bell & Bell 206B Complete aircraft in 3 differents liverys. Real aircraft used in Switzerland. By Jean-Jacques Parel. 453K
FS2002 Bell HU-1 212 Navy "Huey" This model depics a US NAVY single engine Huey, used for search and rescue based at China Lake Naval Station. This aircraft has animated rotors, lights, detailed pilot figures, interior layout and actual photo textures were used for the interior of the aircraft to give it the "diamond-tucked" appereance. Model, paint and aero-dynamics by Rey Lopez. 566K
FS2002 Bell HU-1 212 LAS VEGAS POLICE These are textures only for RLH1NAVY.zip single engine Huey. This is a rendition of the No. 5 air unit of the Las Vegas Police and Rescue. The model has animated rotors, lights, detailed pilot figures, interior layout and actual photo textures were used for the interior of the aircraft to give it the "diamond-tucked" appereance, also this zip has an updated "aircraft.cfg" file so the new texture will show as part of the original aircraft model. Model, paint and aero- dynamics by: Rey Lopez. 398K
FS2002 Blue Thunder V2.0 This release of Blue Thunder features a more realistic flight model for FS98. It no longer behaves like an airplane! Its a little easier to land than the Bell and doesn't bounce as much.The sounds have also been improved,im sure you'll find it more suited to Blue Thunder. Visual Model by : Dan Geis Sound by : Ian Standfast FS98 Flight Model : R.A.Khan. 520K