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Civil Jets Page 12
FS2002 Pakistan International Airlines 737-400 PK-786 Textures only (repaint of the default FS2002 B737_400) By Dr.Ameerullah Faiz. 939K

FS2002 Boeing 747-400 TWA replacement/add-on textures Original Model by Microsoft. Repaint by Hank Belz. 1MB
FS2002 Australian Air Express MD-83 This model is a rework of the default MD-83. It features the new "Reflective" textures, full night lighting with working landing lights that illuminate the runway, and modified cfg file to allow cargo door to open as well as main cabin door. Uses default 737 sound and panel. By: Brad Disher. 1.8MB
Project Opensky BOEING 747-300 Paint Kit for FS2000/2 with JT9O. Originated by team OpenSky and cleaned up by Robb Lee. 1.7MB
FS2002 Airbus A320-200 set. All new model designed from scratch using GMAX. Model has fully animated parts including functional suspension and folding landing gear struts. Includes 5 major liveries - Air France, British Airways, Lufthansa, Northwest and US Air with full night lighting. Includes custom panel using default gauges. This version fixes several problems. By Mike Stone. 1.3MB


FS2000/FS2002 Project Opensky BOEING 747-200 Air Pacific (New colour) DQ-FJI "Vanua Levu" (ex VH-EBQ) POSKY Original Technique. Moving flaperon's, spoileron's, aileron's, elevator's, rudder, and fan blade's ,Tilting bogie's, gear bay's. (All highly detailed)night lighting, flashing beacon's. Transparent cockpit windshield with 3-D pilot's. Designed By Mitsushi Yutaka , Hiroshi Igami. Flight Dynamics by Posky Tested by Project-Opensky Members. Features some photo textures. Painted by Dickson Chan. 6.2MB


Project Opensky BOEING 777-200ER Paint Kit for FS2000/2. Originated by team OpenSky and cleaned up by Robb Lee. 1.9MB

FS2002 INTER Regional Mozambique MD-90-30 Fotoreal 32 bit textures and metallic colours, full moving parts, (all 3D), Features 3D animated plus 3D cockpit with pilots. Night lighting effects, x_effects and smoke trails. Fotorealistic classic panel, major defauts and others which includes, FPDA, HUD, FSNAV (switches only)and other instruments based on Paul Golding`s tecnique. Full interior fotoreal views (light effects) and own stereo sound. Original aircraft by Steve Reyling Panel, views and Repaint by Mario Coelho. 7.2MB

Update: "intermd9.zip" onclick="NewWindow(this.href,'name','730','400','yes');return false"> fix interior views 298K

FS2002 B777-300 Replacement Textures LaudAir. by: Ronald Peischl. 515K
Project Opensky BOEING 777-300 Paint Kit for FS2000/2. Originated by team OpenSky and cleaned up by Robb Lee. 1.9MB