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Civil Jets Page 17
FS2000/2002 Boeing 747-400 in Lufthansa in old colors. Original by Project Opensky. 5MB

FS2002 Cyprus Turkish Airlines Airbus A310-203 KTHY(Kibris Turk Hava Yollari) registration TC-JCO (Lefkosa-Nicosia). Cyprus Turkish Airlines currently fly two Airbus A310's from North Cyprus Ercan Airport to Europe and Turkey. Features full moving parts, night lighting and detailed 512x512 textures. Original Aircraft by Hansi Schwarz, Jens Dohrn and Stefan Breuer(Moving Parts Design Guide). Repaint By Serdar Nuzhet. 2.7MB

FS 2002 BOEING B737-300 NIKKO AIR Beautiful aircraft of a virtual and private company, with a "luxuous" panel in wood, for the eye pleasure. Repaint by Nicolas Dannebey. 1.7MB

FS2002 Dassault Falcon 100. An FSDS aircraft with moving parts, including rolling wheels. Also includes a custom panel, custom gauges and a dynamic virtual cockpit. By Chuck Dome. 730K
FS2002 Repaint of original 777 default British Airways.. This is what a BA 777 would look like if still in early 80's "British" colours. Textures only By Stuart Thurston. 252K
FS2002 fictional Repaint of default 777 in Laker Airways - the now defunct early 80's UK charter airline - who (obviously) did not operate Beoing 777's . Textures only By Stuart Thurston. 249K
FS2002 Aircraft- LTU International Airlines Boeing 757-200. This beautiful 757 features: realistic textures and light effects, fully 3-D with sun reflections, Realistically textured wheels and engines, rotating engine fans, transparent cockpit, superb flight dynamics, fully accurate visual model (airframe), RB-211 engines with accurate thrust, and wing leveler turned off. Textures hand painted with reference to POSKY originals. Original airframe, powerplants, and flight dynamics by the Project Freeware Group. FS2002 flight dynamics and paint in Hawaiian Airlines colors by Brandon Williams. Repaint to LTU standard by Ulrich Ferner. 632K
Repaint of original 737 as default in FS2002. Fictitious colours of BEA; British European Airways (BEA and BOAC merged in September 1972 to form British Airways). Textures only By Stuart Thurston. 312K



Repaint of original 737 as default in FS2002. Fictitious colours of British Caledonian (taken over by British Airways in 1987). Textures only By Stuart Thurston. 171K

Updated & fixed: FS2002 Lockheed Martin JetStar II. An FSDS aircraft with 1024x1024 textures, full moving parts, a custom panel and custom gauges. This upgrade from FS2000 also includes rolling wheels, a dynamic virtual cockpit and full night textures. By Chuck Dome. 1.2MB