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Civil Jets Page 35
FS2002 Royal Brunei Boeing 767-284ER This is a repaint of PoSky's Boeing 767-200ER in Royal Brunei Airlines livery. Aircraft regristration CC-CEX. Original model by Project OpenSky. Repaint by A. I. Hj. Jumat. 1.7MB
LAUDA-AIR repaint for the default FS 2002 Boeing 737-400. Textures only. Repaint by Simon Hötzinger. 218K
McDonnell Douglas DC9-10 in Midwest Express colors for FS2002 and FS2000. This aircraft was designed with FSDS and is my first attempt at design and texturing. It features a 40 sided fuselage, 40 sided engines, night lighting, and control surface and gear animation. Model and Textures by Charles Dayhuff. Airfile by Sam Chin. Also includes a DC9 panel designed by Jim Waters. Pilots designed by David Eckert. Aluminum engine textures by Erick Cantu. 3.6MB
Boeing 767-336ER Registration G-BNWU British Airways 'Exotic' Tailfin Livery 'Sweden'. This is an accurate depiction of the real aircraft in the 'Blomsterang' livery and is one of a series of BA B767 'World Tails'. The model has been carefully painted from scratch with highly detailed textures to ensure complete authenticity. Original aircraft by Project Opensky. Repainted by Roger Mole. 1.9MB
LOT- polish airlines 747-400 ( fictional repaint of the default FS2002 B747_400). Walter Illichmann. 470K
Project Open Sky Boeing 777-200 LOT Copyrights: This aircraft is made by Project Open Sky Model Designers : Mitsushi Yutaka & Hiroshi Igami Flight Dynamics Designer : Warren C. Daniel @ FDE FS2002 Only Test Pilots : Project Open Sky Members FDE Advisor / 747 Data : Simon Ng Hin Tat Painted : Ben Jones. 3.2MB
FS2002 PRO Qantas B747 400 Wunala Dreaming. Repaint of the default. VH-OJB. Mike Hill. 1MB
Qantas 737-800 "Yananyi Dreaming". A repaint of default 737 (Texture only). "Yananyi Dreaming" (Yananyi = going/travelling) was created by internationally renowned Australian Design Studio Balarinji and indigenous artist, Rene Kulitja. Repaint for FS 2002 by Mike Hill. 1.5MB
Transavia 737-700. Copyright www.AlliedFSGroup.com. 4.3MB
Fs2002 Airbus A300-B Dominicana livery Excellent aircraft with full moving parts and night lights, greats paint scheme and very reliable. It´s nice to flight it, and I hope you enjoy flying it as much as me! Aircraft by Jaffray Linn, Repaint by Edward Santos. 658K