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Civil Jets Page 62
FS2002 Bombardier/Canadair CRJ900-ER, America West Express Reg# N902FJ, Mesa Group is the CRJ900 launch customer. Ver 6 with full moving parts and night effects including new animated thrust reverser engine textures tied to the spoilers. Designer: Barry Blaisdell, Premier Aircraft Design. 2.3MB
BOEING 737-3H4. Southwest Airlines "Shamu" Livery with the new Canyon Blue Colors. Repaint of the Default Boeing 737-400 Included with FS2002 to portray the 737-3H4. Marc Payne. 1.4MB
FS2002 Aircraft-McDonnell Douglas MD 81 JAPAN AIR SYSTEM Aircraft by Stewart Global and Flight FX Paint job: MARCELO ALLENDE. The MD-80 v2.0 brings a new aircraft fully compatible with FS2002. You will find that we've completely redone most of the model, making it completely Gmax. It features the latest reflection including dynamic shine, lighting, and animation technology including accurate flaps, landing gears, and thrust reversers and dynamic wing views. This is only the first in a line of MD aircraft. Next will likely be the MD83 or 87 as well as the DC9-51. The FDE is the superb MD80 FDE by Sam Chin with modifications by Mike Baumann, and the model is by Jonathan Stewart and Erick Cantu. This aircraft is truly a multi-group effort, one of many to come. The model itself is evidenced of this. The fuselage, fins, engines, and landing gear are done by FlightFX. The wings, stabs, and aft fuselage section are by SGA. 1.8MB
FS2002 Boeing 777 Pakistan International Airlines, PIA. Repaint of the Meljet Boeing 777-200ER. Original Aircraft by Melvin Rafi, Painted by Ehsan Ishaque. 2.6MB
Air Littoral Bombardier CRJ-100. GMAX aircraft for Flight Simulator 2002. Original aircraft by FSPainter, repainted in Air Littoral livery by Claudio Dobre. 574K
FS2002 Fed Ex B727-200, Delivery Colors Textures only. A repaint of Mike Stone's 727-200. Reflective textures with realistic night lighting and aircraft markings. Textures only. By Joel Nunez. Original Aircraft By Mike Stone available here if required. 169K
FS2002 Tarom Ilyushin IL-62M Tarom (Romanian Air Transport) IL-62M in 1990s colors. The IL-62 was certainly the most successful Soviet long range aircraft. Tarom used five IL-62 in its fleet. This is YR-IRE. In the late 90s they were replaced by the Airbus A310. Detailed FSDS2 model by Dimitri Samborski, painted by Gergely Kosa. 747K
Lear 45 LowRider Airlines. Repainted textures of the default Lear 45. 211K
FS2002 Boeing 737-300 . VARIG - RIO-SUL -BRASIL default textures only: This is the Boeing 737-300 RIO-SUL a sub-airline of Varig that was flying before 2000, so its old paint. Author: Fernando Magalh„es. 435K
FS2002 Boeing 777-300 VARIG BRASIL default textures only: This is the Boeing 777-300 repainted Author: Fernando Magalh„es. 759K
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