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Civil Jets Page 65
FS2002 Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-4Q8. Registration 'G-VBIG', named 'Tinker Belle'. MelJet Boeing 747-400 Version III. This aircraft is a product of ten months of work and has been completely scratch rebuilt in Gmax and is not based on previous versions. Main features are reflective textures; animated flexing wings; animated control surfaces; dynamic wing views; nose gear and main gear steering; animated passenger and cargo doors; animated tilting and compressing gear struts; compound slats; and a lot more. Original model by Melvin Rafi (Meljet). Repaint by Lewis Lang. 2.5MB
FS2002 American Airlines Boeing 757-200 RR IFDG V2 American Airlines Boeing 757-200 RR repaint of the fantastic V2 IFDG 757. Textures only. Original textures by Ben Hewitt, corrected by Alexandre Cadel. Reworked top fuselage textures for a clear blue sky aspect. Overwing emergency signs added. New windshield and pilots textures. Reworked tail, gear doors, flaps textures. Requires IFDG Boeing 757-200 RR V2. Ben Hewitt. 3.3MB
FS2002 McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Fed Ex Model by FSPainter Repaint by Ross Killin & Cathy Moore. This model is a GMAX model with great framerates, useful for AI aircraft or for personal flying. Relfective textures, all moving surfaces, stable aircraft. 651K
FS2002 Boeing 777-300 in fictional TWA livery. Textures only. Requires Meljet 777-300 PW paintkit. (above) MELJET 777-300 by Melvin Rafi. Painted by Henry Belz. 1.4MB
FS2002 Boeing 757-200 House Colors. Repaint of the IFDG GMAX 757-200 in Boeing Company livery. This aircraft was the first Boeing 757 (N757A) and with it's two P&W 2037 engines it was first rolled out from the factory at Renton on 13/01/1982 with it's first flight being on 19/02/1982. It is also one of the few prototypes that was never passed onto a customer and was retained by Boeing where it remains today as a flying testbed for the F22. Original by IFDG. Repainted by Ben Jones. 3.2MB
FS2002 Ansett Australia Cargo 767-200 A repaint of the Project Open Sky Boeing 767-200 in Ansett Australia Cargo livery. This aircraft specially painted for the new Ansett Air Freight Virtual Airline. By Andrew Banner. 1.4MB
FS2002 MALEV Boeing 737-700 This is an Boeing 737-700 in Malev Hungarian Airlines colors, registration HA-007. The aircraft was made by Jorge Oppenheimer in full moving parts, and nightlight textures. Repainted by Tamás Jandó. 2.5MB
FS2002 A319 SN Brussels Airlines Features fully moving parts (Gears and doors, rotating engine fans, rudder, slats, flaps, elevator & ailerons). This is the firts 319 delivered to the Belgian Company SN Brussels Airlines (former Sabena) Aircraft by: IADG Painted by: Antonio Cossu. 925K
YeoDesigns Boeing 737-200V2 "Aserca" . features almost all the cool gmax features of the gmax modelling system with 64 sided fuselage,all the moving control surfaces ,rolling wheels, moving pitch and aileron trims,opening doors ,retractable stairs,cargo doors steerable front landing gear,animated compressing struts,animated reversers buckets transparent canopy with 3d pilots inside,dark windshield glass,3d gear bays, sliding flaps and outboard slats,fs2002 style landing light,beacon lights, nav lights,strobe lights and logo lights,fs2002 style night lighting, 1024x1024 and 512x512 textures and accurate and realistic flight dynamics YeoDesigns Group. 1.8MB

FS2002 Chichester-Miles Leopard Mozambique INTER Private New GMAX Mike Stone`s Model based on real aircraft. The first all-new Learjet since the Bill Lear rolled the model 23. This Computer designed airplane is a fast, high altitude flyer and Certificated rip to 51,000ft. Open doors. Texturized in Metallic Reflective Inovation Color, Custom Hand Made panel, New Performance and default Lear sound. By Mario Coelho. 1.1MB
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