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FS2002 Textures for the F4E Phantom II. These textures were created specifically for the excellent F-4E aircraft produced by Michael Gurezka, file f4eb_308.zip. (900K). Package includes texures, Aircraft.cfg and smoke effects for the F4E flown by BG Steve Ritchie, the only USAF pilot Ace of the Vietnam War. Jim Bennett. 930K
FS2000 Fs2002 Neiva FAB T-25 (Universal) Developed in the end of the decade of 60, with the incumbency to substitute the North Americam T-6 in the advanced instruction of the Cadets. Currently, T-25 is used in the primary and basic instruction of the Cadets of the Academy of Air Force - AFA (Academy of the Brazilian Air Force), with great success. Model: Denis da Silva e Daniel da Silva, Texture: Denis da Silva e Daniel da Silva. 411K
Mikoyan MiG-21 SMT for FS2002 Version 1.0 Included in this package is a MiG-21 SMT two paint schemes and three selectable weapons loadouts. The two paint schemes are: Soviet Air Force and that of a Romanian Lancer from Grupul 95 based at Bacau. Aircraft by Kirk Olsson. Repaint by Justin Lamb. AIR file by Jim Coarse. Pulled together by Chris Coarse by Chris Coarse. 2.6MB


FS2000/2002 F-86E of the (ext) HELLENIC ROYAL AIR FORCE (Greece) original by Hayden Scott-Williams Repainted by: Panagiotis El-Sisi. 2.1MB



FS2000 FS2002 Military AF-1A "Falcões do mar" The VF-1 Squadron is the first Brazilian Navy Aerial Unit to operate fighters. It was created October 02nd, 1998, and it is under the command of the Naval air force. Missão "Executar a defesa aérea da Força Naval e garantir a superioridade aérea necessária à aplicação do Poder Naval onde e quando este se fizer necessário" Model & Textures: Denis da Silva. 681K
FS2002 Smoke display tutorial and addon for the "me329.zip" onclick="NewWindow(this.href,'name','730','400','yes');return false"> Messerschmitt Aero Racer By Steve ( Ratt ) Robinson.(previous page) This installs a 7 colour smoke system to the Me329 Aero racer. Also included is a tutorial on how to add display smoke to any aircraft in any colour and have as many smoke trails you desire coming from any location of the aircraft. It may also give an insight to the other effects files already in the FS2002 simulation. 211K
FS2000/2002 Kuwaiti Air Force A-4KU "Free Kuwait" desert camoflauge From 1991 Operation Desert Storm. Also includes engine smoke (Press "I") Some of the Kuwaiti Air Force aircraft escaped the August 2, 1990 invasion of their homeland by Iraq. They flew to safety in Saudi Arabia, where they later flew attacks against Iraqi targets to help liberate their country. Repaint done by Justin Lamb JLamb Model: Denis da Silva. 1.4MB
FS2000/2002 Israeli Air Force A-4H/N Skyhawk in desert camoflauge Also includes engine smoke (Press "I") Used by the Israelies for many years to repel attackers and defend their nation. Repaint done by Justin Lamb JLamb Model: Denis da Silva. 1.3MB
FS2002 Chance Vought F7U-3 "Cutlass" This FSDS project includes a transparent linear sliding canopy and full moving parts including accurate elevons courtesy of SDLEdit. By Paul Clawson. 195K