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Misc Page 6
The first new menu appearance for FS2002. Control FS2002 with a new look! (Rebel 13) Jeffrey Olszewski. 161K
China Airlines 747 landing - passenger view video. Frank Elfert. 4.8MB
Desktop Themes for Windows These are wallpapers made from pictures i took at the Sanicole Airshow in Belgium. There are 3 diferent wallpapers included (B-1b Lancer,Belgium Air Force F-16 AM formation and a Dutch Air Force MBo helicopter. these wallpapers are in 4 diferent resolutions ( 640*480,800*600,1024*768,1208*960) by Johan Peeters. 1.2MB
B747-400 Quick Fuel Planner. AUTHOR: TAREK SHARKAWY Introduction: B747-400 Quick Fuel planner is a quick and easy way to load your plane with the right amount of fuel. Enter basic trip information and you will get the results in both Ibs and Kgs. Also, it gives you total reserve value if you use FMC. 10K
Transatlantic Flight! Ready to get a full eight hours under you belt? Well join me as you learn to fly across the Atlantic in a b767. This route is a copy of an exact flight from which i compiled. Depart Manchester to Barbados and learn how the real guys do it up in the business end of the aircraft you fly in. This is from a flight onboard a b767 of air 2000, exact copy of flight plan and route, even uses real world weather. Also, download the Thomas Cook b767 from Simviation .com and use it for this flight. Thanks and enjoy Allan Macmillan. 568K
Fs2002 Dubai approach chart This charts includes ils approach to 30l/r at Dubai, also includes holding pattern at egpan intersection. Missed approach course also shown. More to come All this in one chart! Enjoy and please, please email me with you comments or questions! Thanks Allan Macmillan. 26K
Real b737 checklist now for fs2002! These checks are from a real b737 and have been changed only lightle to be compatable with fs2002 b737's. Print them off and use them whilst flying in fs2002 on your b737. Enjoy! Allan Macmillan. 11K
Extra Aerobatics Demonstration Video. Boy van de Laar. 959K