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FS2002 Ultralight Panel - suitable for use with your single engine ultra or microlight aircraft. Unzip the gauge files into your FS2002 gauge folder, (this panel uses mostly the default gauges plus a few more). Copy the .bmp and .cfg to your favourite ultralight panel folder. Freeware, enjoy. Buckz. 718K

FS2002 Pro BOEING 777-300 Panel. (jr777pan.zip). Very life-like, high resolution, photo-based panel offering switchable overhead panel (lights/fuel/engine start), moving yoke (with A/P on-off switch), pushback, GPS, etc. It has a realistic perspective centre console. My original design used Real CRT gauges, but this version has been simplified to use mostly standard FS2K2 Pro gauges. Other extra gauges are included in the download. I have endeavoured to make this panel match the high standard set by my much-praised ERJ-145, Blenheim IV and Twin Otter panels. By John Rushby-Smith. 1.9MB.

Fix for BOEING 777-300 FS2002 Pro Panel j777-pan.zip. Revised panel.cfg corrects a wrongly named gauge. Mea culpa! John Rushby-Smith. 3K

FS 2002 Pro BOEING 747-200B. Best displayed at 1024x768 resolution. Featuring: Near photographic Main Panel and fully photographic F/E Panel with working gauges in Alitalia configuration ; GPS; FMC; Altitude warning; Altitude calls during approach and much more. Coupling this panel with Project Opensky 'os742alitalia02.zip' or 'osb747-200_alitalia_cargo.zip' aircrafts is highly recommended. Public Domain Built by Capt. I. D'Attomo. 5.1MB

FS2002 Pro Panel--Boeing 747-200B Upgrade, for use with B7474AZ2.ZIP. Includes new sounds (by Tom Corson). Also includes changes to make the autopilot more readable (but now requires the FS2K concorde.gau - here). By I. D'Attomo. 1.8MB

FS2002 Panel for Beechcraft B1900D by Tom Kellner Made For the Fantastic B1900D Model from Mike Stone but will suit any B1900D. 5.8MB
FS2002 2D and 3D Panel for G-Max Alouette III by Alan Devins (original here)This is a combinated VIRTUAL COCKPIT with a complete fotorealistic 2D Cockpit replacing the default Minipanel, based on the Alouette III SÚcuritÚ Civile Panel. Easy installation with self installer. Typing the "W"-key, you will see the 2D Cockpit with the new "freeview" system moving the Coolie-hat forward and back.Feautures a radio-stack and a default gps typing shift+2 and shift+3. This panel is released as copyrighted freeware. By Peter Salzgeber,SWISS HELICOPTER DESIGN GROUP. 3.3MB
FS2002 Beech 1900D Panel. This panel was designed using XML and is for use exclusively with FS2002. It includes several sub-panels (overhead, pedestal, etc) and features numerous systems such as an EFIS with a display selector panel and cabin pressurization. Can be used with Mike Stone's excellent Beech 1900D aircraft. By Matt Laurita. 1.5MB
FS 2000/2002 and CFS II HH-43B Husky Panel. . Created by W. Wright. 856K
FS2000 / FS2002 North American T-6T6pnl-v3.zip Texan / Harvard / SNJ Panel. Reworked version of my previous photorealistic T-6 panel, seven different additional photorealistic views are added. By Johan "VIPER" Lemmers. 10.1MB
FS2002 Pro Panel North American F86. by Ken Mitchell. 5.4MB
FS2002 Pro Panel for LET L-410. A simple but workable panel for the LET L-410. Uses FS2002 Pro default gauges, so very frame-rate friendly. Recommended for use with Victor Schacht/George Sokhykh's LET L-410 model, primarily designed for AI use: l410ai.zip. There are many repaints of this aircraft available; this panel enables them to be flown first-hand in FS2002. By Mark Beaumont. File name: LETPANEL.ZIP. 1.5MB