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FS 2002 Boeing 767-400 Panel. . A simple, intuitive, all-glass panel for the Boeing 767-400 based on default gauges and a few freeware gauges used by permission from the original authors. This panel contains all the necessary simicons (ATC, MAP, etc)an autospoiler deployment gauge, and Bill Morad's very cool TCAS gauge. A nifty RUNWAY INFO gauge allows you to select and tune the ILS to most major world aiports without leaving the main panel view. Original panel bitmap by Jorge Alsina. By Alex Christoff. 6.5MB
FS2002 Boeing 767 Panel. Created in Aircraft Panel Studio by Vela Caduca. 2.5MB
Proyecto Bellota is the free alternative to Project Magenta. Realized in Spain, it offers the following modules Proyecto Bellota 1.36 INDICATED AIR SPEED. ARTIFICIAL HORIZON ALTIMETER INDICATOR OF DRAFT HDG INDICATOR VERTICAL SPEED Proyecto Bellota VOR and ADF and ILS VOR 1 ILS 1 VOR 2 ADF Proyecto Bellota RADIO 1.0 COM1 NAV1 COM2 NAV2 TRANSPONDER ADF. 1MB
FS2002 BAe Jetstream 31 Panel Highly detailed panel for the BAe Jetstream 31. The panel reflects the real cockpit with almost all working systems, like electric (including main, essential and nonessential busses), hydraulic, pressurization, fuel, ice protection and many other. Except the GPWS all gauges are programmed completely new especially for this panel. The panel contains also a realistic turboprop start-up procedure and can simulate typical handling faults like hot-starts, wet-starts, hung-starts and many more. Necessary replacement FDE's for the J31 of the HJG group and Jorge Sánchez are included. The package contains also a 100 pages manual including checklists and emergency checklists. By Matthias Lieberecht - The BAe Panel Project. 4.1MB
FS2002 Blackhawk helicopter Panel This panel will work on any helicopter. It has full lighting. It has full avionics, engine, and light controlls. It's secondary objects include; a compass, a clock/timer/sim rate indicator, and a collective pitch lever (with a throttle), and all the others you would expect. Made from real Blackhawk images this panel is near perfect. It is easy to use as the compass shows which way you are pointing and which way you are going which is good for keeping feul use to a minimum in a cruise state, and handy when landing. By Bracken Dawson. 479K
FS2002 Single Prop MiniPanel. Freeware redistrobution in unmodified form is allowed, but for anything else like fixes and modifications contact me for permission on the forum at http://www.project-skyworks.vze.com/ (you can post messages as a guest). Bracken Dawson - Project SkyWorks. 1MB
FS2002 Landing Finals MiniPanel. By Bracken Dawson - Project SkyWorks. 144K
FS2002PRO Dual IFR VFR Panel for the Mooney Bravo This is a third panel for the Mooney Bravo which is both panels with the ability to swich between them mid flight. It is easy to install and is compatible with any repaints you may have. Bracken Dawson - Project SkyWorks - www.project-skyworks.vze.com. 2.9MB
FS2002 Challenger CL-604 Panel and Views. Original hand-drawn 2-D panel and view bitmaps and some original gauges. Created to be as accurate as possible as well as visually appealing and easy to use. Some original XML gauges as well as Eric Marciano's radar gauge as a TCAS and Rob Barendregt's ground handling gauges. By Bob Williams. 14.4MB
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