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FS2002 Pro DHC-6 , Twin Otter , Aircalin Package. . DHC-6 revised in with FSDS v2, with reflective textures, etc. The files "air."& "sound" are those of the King Air. The file "CFG.aircraft" the one of the King Air that I modified. The gauges are the default. Authors: panel + model: Eric Dantès, textures: Mauricio Illanes, carenado.com. 7.4MB
FS2002 Corby CJ-1 Starlet. . The John Corby designed CJ-1 Starlet was Australia's first certified homebuilt design. This nimble little aircraft is powered by the venerable Volkswagon "Flat Four" air cooled car engine (which originally was an aero engine in the 1930's) from the famous Beetle & Combi van converted to aeronautical standards (Capacity ranging from 1.8l to 2.2l). The Starlet is semi aerobatic and is stressed to +-4.5G. Other noteable features of the Starlet are a cruise speed of 120kt IAS and a climb rate of 1000 feet/min all on 75Hp. The model has been designed from the "ground up" using ABACUS' FSDS version 2.11. The model features the now usual moving parts, texture reflections & Dynamic shine. The model also features a full Dynamic Virtual Cockpit (DVC) and comes in 3 flavours: The first model is one that has a full canopy & wheel spats, the second has the full canopy & NO wheel spats and finally the third model features only the Windshield & no wheel spats. The Flight Dynamics have been constructed by the use of the 1% Spreadsheets (v2.82.98). Model, Textures, Panel and Flight dynamics By David Friswell. 2.3MB
FS2002 Jetstream 41. A complete new model of BAE Systems Jetstream 41 using GMAX with 4 levels of detail (LOD) and full colour DTX3 textures with mip. All moving flying controls and landing/taxi lights which show in AI. Model tested and works well with AI just add to your AI aircraft using ttool. Includes five textures for American Eagle, US Airways, United Airlines, British Airways and South African Airlink. Model and textures by Tom Woods. 1.6MB
FS2002 C-182 Repacement Textures in Blue. As seen in screenshot. 1.6MB
FS2002 Vickers Viscount 800 repaint in Austrian Airlines late sixties/early seventies livery by Jaap de Baare. Registration: OE-IAM Aircraft name: Lv Beethoven Viscount 800 model of Rick Piper needed. (here). 595K
FS2002 T-6 Texan Aerobatic Textures. Requires the Da Silva T-6 available here. Version 2003 of Alan Henley's T6 flying for Aeroshell Aerobatic Team. -the 1993 version of the Noth American Team T6 as I saw them at the Wings over Houston Airshow. 834K
FS2002 GMax Shorts 360 package in 3 liveries: WestAir, AerLingus, Qantas. By Mike Stone with panel by Ken Mitchell. 3MB
FS2002 Stampe RSV4 Rothmans Aerobatic Livery. . This Stampe was constructed with FSDSv2, and texturized with Paint Shop Pro. With Dynamic Virtual Cockpit, etc. Designed & textured by Eric Dantès. 2.3MB
FS2002 Neiva P.56C Paulistinha. Designed using FSDS v2 by J R LUCARINY. 606K