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Scenery Page 19
MDSD Las Americas Jose Fco. Peña Gomez Intl. Vers. 2.0 for FS2002 Santo Domingo Dominican Republic By Ricardo G. Morillo This is the second version of one of the most important airport in the caribbean basin, this is a complete scale of its terminal with night textures, gates, hangars, the control tower updated to its renewal that went on in the end of thee year 2001, this version is compatible with the AI traffic, has the runway exactly located and with its real textures (concrete). 1.3MB
FS2002 Scenery - Sheldons Mountain Cabin In the early 50's, Alaska pioneer bush pilot Don Sheldon, built a cabin on the slopes of Mt McKinley. It is located at the head of the Ruth Glacier in an area that is now known as the Don Sheldon Amphitheater. This scenery is a representation of that cabin. By Tom Fica. 709K
Additional Gates – Miramar “TOP GUN” Flight School circa 1986 (KNKX) This is to be used with AFCAD. adds more then 150 parking spaces, four of which are designated heavy spaces. This file represents what Miramar TOP GUN flight school, “Fighter Town - USA” might have looked like during the 1980’s. As you can see from the enclosed screenshots (before and after) there were no parking spots or gates at (KNKX) from the default MSFS2002 program. The parking spots were assigned using 1994 government satellite images. While the position of the aircraft is fairly accurate, they are not 100% correct. The base is capable of housing more then 200+ aircraft, but there are never at one time that many located there. Currently (year 2002) this base has been taken over by the US Marines and is now called Miramar MCAS. Author: Josh Liste. 74K
Fs2000/2002 Eindhoven; city in the south of the Netherlands near airport EHEH Detailed and rich scenery. Version 3.1 Editor: Paul Maartense. 10MB
Extra gates to John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, CA. Also taxiways have been re-aligned. This is to be used with AFCAD. Taxiways C and D have been also extended. This file is only for use with Shehryar Ansari's scenery!!(SNA2002.zip fs2002 vrsion). Installation instructions: - As normal unzip into a temporary folder - Then put it in your AFCAD folder - Import it, save it and you are ready to go! If you find any glitches or errors please let me know!! Enjoy! Esteban Aldarondo. 43K
FS2002/2000 Scenery AMERICAN AIRLINES TEXTURE REPLACEMENT SET FOR DALLAS-FT.WORTH SCENERY BY SIMFLYERS ASSOCIATED FREEWARE texture replacement set for Simflyers's KDFW scenery. These textures will replace all the ficiticious American Airlines logos and writings with the real ones. by Franco Baratti. 1.4MB
Replacement AutoGen Tree Textures (Third Alternative Version) FS2002 Scenery. Here is my third alternative replacement for the AutoGen vegetation texture sheets that provide the trees in the FS2002 scenery (see GTL_AGEN.ZIP and MSTREES.ZIP for the others). This one is a second enhancement of the new set recently released by Microsoft as part of the AutoGen SDK. The number and variety of the trees is increased and undergrowth has been added to further increase the density of the tree cover. A number of other details have been modified to improve the overall appearance. Forests now have up to 3,500 trees per sq km, compared with the scanty 600 of the original FS2002 release, and the tropics look more realistically 'tropical' with lush green bush below the palm fronds. By Gerrish Gray. 2.3MB
FS2002 More than 100 gates and parkings for Atlanta Hartsfield Intl. This is to be used with AFCAD. Plus the longest runway is used for landings and the shortest for takeoffs. The AI will line-up correctly and fairly straight with the default gates!! 120K
FS 2002 - Cranbourn Airfield - Tasmania Cranbourn Airstrip is situated in the North, North East of Tasmania and is it primarally used by it's owner for crop dusting and Ultra Lights every weekend. Comes with full textures. By Ian Thatcher. 853K