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Scenery Page 52
FS2002 "All New Vancouver Harbour" This scenery completely replaces my previous Vancouver Harbour Sceneries 1 and 2 and adds many improvements to the harbour. All textures are included. BONUS: DHC6 Twin Otter by Barry Blaisdell, in Harbour Air livery is also included. By Ted Griggs. 5MB
FS2002 Scenery--Larcom Island, BC Canada Located north of Prince Rupert and near the Alaskan border. It has a float dock, helipad, repair facilities, ranger lodge, barracks and a tarmac runway. By Emmett McRobie. 1.8MB
FS2002 HMAS Stuart - Entering Sydney Harbour. This scenery file will add a touch of realism to your Sydney Harbour Scenery. HMAS Stuart, a state of the art "ANZAC" Class Guided Missile Frigate of the Royal Australian Navy, is entering Sydney Harbour for the first time. The Helipad is landable, so grab your favourite helicopter (Recommended is the Seahawk) and try your skills at deck landings. Deck lights and location lights are added (Night Time Only) for your night time landings (Good Luck). Designer name: Jason Simpson. 127K

FS2002 ERCAN (LCEN) AIRPORT FOR NORTH CYPRUS Scenery For FS2002. Created with gmax from scratch, accurately detailed and realisticly depicted North Cyprus Airport ERCAN. This 2003 version is a complete scenery with the KTHY AI aircraft with real life flight schedules, AFCAD file, Charts, sounds, improved ILS and navaids and textures. Consorted effort by www.kthy.org members. Sound files by Ismail Hakki Güzel, charts and flight plans by Oguz Sengezer, scenery and AI aircraft textures by Serdar Nuzhet. 5.7MB

VATSIM UPDATE FOR ERCAN (LCEN) AIRPORT, NORTH CYPRUS This update file is a gesture to all my friends at VATSIM I was asked by the virtual pilots to modify the terminal building for them so that direct flights to ERCAN (LCEN) can be made possible. If you wish to fly online to Ercan Airport with VATSIM then just replace this 'terminal.bgl' file with the old one. Only the terminal building has been remodelled, other scenery files remain without any change. Scenery by Serdar Nuzhet. 127K

FS2002 Scenery. The Happy Bottom Riding Club. Pancho Barne's legendary ranch near Edwards Air Force base. Pancho's bar became the unofficial de-briefing room for the test pilots of the Golden Age of supersonic flight research. Also includes a simple Edwards South Base. By Nigel Mason. 795K

Fix for missing texture in The Happy Bottom Riding Club (above) . Pancho Barne's famous ranch near Edwards Air Force Base. Requires Barnes.zip By Nigel Mason. 38K

FS2002 Liverpool John Lennon Airport (EGGP), UK. Ver 3.1 – This new version has come about as a result of over a month sitting in front of Paint Shop Pro! All the textures have been redone including the night textures (If anyone knows how to light up AI aircraft then I'd love to hear from them!). Many new macros have been created and hence the airport now has a lot more buildings! The railway bridge has been finished and I've also created my own version of the road bridge. I've switched tree creation to GroundMaker as this was less frame rate hugging and allowed what I consider to be a more realistic representation of the wooded areas around the airport. Paul Derbyshire. 3.8MB

FS2002 RAAF East Sale Airfield (YMES), Australia. Thank you for downloading my RAAF East Sale Scenery. RAAF East Sale is situated approx 200kms east of Melbourne and is home to the RAAF's Aerobatic team The Roulettes Flying Pilatus PC9's as part of Central Flying School.The main role of CFS is training Flying Instructors. Also Based at East Sale is 32 Squadron Operating BAE HS748's in support of Navigation Training. This is a timely release of this scenery as East Sale celebrates 60 Years of continous RAAF operations in April 2003. By Kevin Owen. 2MB

Update: Missing AFCAD file for RAAF Sale.zip BY Kevin Owen. 4K

EGJA V1 Alderney Airport , Jersey, Chanel Islands, UK by C.Giraud Copyright 03/2003 Alderney is a british island,is located near french coast and Jersey Island . This scenery includ the airport, St Anne Town and Light house Scenery build with airport 2.6, FS Design All macro is personnal creations, the cars and weather station by: Gabriel Concha Frank Betts. 1.7MB
FS2002 Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood Intl Airport. Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood Intl Airport (KFLL) and the South Florida area. Airport is RAFCAD compatible to assign planes to their proper gates and has GA overlay. Surrounding area includes Port Everglades and navigable Intracoastal Waterway with operating drawbridges. By Michael Ruehl. 1.9MB
Perth City, Western Australia, scenery version 1.1. An enhancement to the default Perth seafront. By Michael Pookbooncherd. 2.2MB