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Scenery Page 68
FS2002 Glacier Bay N.P. Mesh and Landclass Unfortunately, the special features of the FS2004 Glacier Bay project don't work in FS2002. However, the add-on LOD9 (76-m) mesh and landclass files (made from USGS NED elevation and Landsat 7 satellite data) can be used and are included here. They cover about 41,000 sq km of the Glacier Bay N.P. and Juneau to Haines area in SE Alaska (N58-60 W134-138). By Holger Sandmann. 9MB
FS2002 UK Wind Farms V2. This scenery places 13 wind farms into Wales UK. A total of 355 individual wind generators creating enough power for nearly 98 thousand Homes annually. They are geographically correct and designed to fit perfectly with Visual flight / Getmapping VFR Photographic scenery. Now with much better gmax turbine model supplied by John "Bones" Woodside. (Also see Volume 1 windfarmV1.zip here) For Fs2004/02By Dale Sedgwick. 1.3MB
FS2002 Military Airports AFCAD Version 1.0. MilitaryAirports10.zip by Chris Coarse Developed for use with US military installations. Not intended to be accurate, only to use the ramp space available. These FS2002 AFCAD files are for experienced users only. 183K
FS2002 Hawaii AFCAD Version 1.0. Hawaii10.zip by Chris Coarse Developed for use with airports on the Hawaiian Islands. These FS2002 AFCAD files are for experienced users only. 29K
FS2002 Delamarva AFCAD Version 1.1. Delmarva11.zip by Chris Coarse Developed for use with airports on the Delmarva Peninsula and surrounding areas including the Philadelphia/Baltimore region. These FS2002 AFCAD files are for experienced users only. 165K
FS2002 Alaska AFCAD Version 1.0. Alaska10.zip by Chris Coarse Developed for use with airports in the State of Alaska, these AFCAD files are for experienced AFCAD users only. 74K
FS2002/2000 Coast Guard Stations v2.0. Adds many Coast Guard Stations in the northeast U.S. Designs are imaginary and a fictional NDB is included at each station. Stations included are: Groton (KGON), New Haven (KHVN), Islip (KISP), Block Island (KBID), Montawk, Moriches, Brant Point, STA HV, Jones Beach, Shinnecock, STA NL, Woods Hole, Brunswick NAS (KNHZ), Fire Island, Otis ANGB (KFMH), Bangor (KBGR). By Shehryar Ansari. 2.4MB

FS2002 The Victoria Falls of the Zambezi River. Authors: Holger Sandmann, Zambezi, effects, lakes, transportation network, landclass/waterclass Johan van Wyk. 2.5MB

Update: Achieving downward compatibility of complex scenery add-ons is not an easy task ;-) In our recently released FS2002 version of the Victoria Falls (vicf_fs8.zip) we accidentally included an older version of a scenery file, which made FS2002 crash in the vicinity of the waterfall. Our apologies! This patch is hopefully the last to provide FS2002 users with a working Victoria Falls scenery. It requires that you first install vicfalls_fs8.zip as described.. 11K

FS2002 ILS-Fix for Yangon's "Mingaladon" airport in Myanmar. With the default settings of MS, you will land outside the runway right. With this correction, you will land precisely after it on the center line. By Robby Pauletto. 167K
FS-2002 Myanmar Red Antenna Fix. Postponement the red aerial standing partially on the Runways in Myanmar (Burma). Many FS2002-Myanmar-Fans can now be happy. After the installation, you can start on each Airport in Myanmar and can land without you colliding with around standing antennas. By Robby Pauletto. 130K
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