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Scenery for FS2002 Popham, Hants, UK. Using Airport V2-60 I have recreated Popham airfield at the request of Mike Vernon a pilot who uses the airfield frequently and who supplied the photographs on which the scenery is based. Unfortunately Microsofts road system is not in the correct place so to keep Popham in relation to the roads I have had to insert another road so please forgive the artistic licence. 780K
Highlands and Islands of Scotland Terrain Mesh Scenery for FS2002 This freeware scenery covers the Highlands and Islands of Scotland from N57 W5 to N59 W8, including Skye, Raasay, South Uist, Benbecula, North Uist, Harris, Lewis and the mainland coast from Ullapool to the Kyle of Lochalsh. You can fly between Plockton (UK10), Benbecula (EGPL) and Stornoway (EGPO) within the demo area. A flight plan is provided which takes a circular route from Plockton to Stornoway via Benbecula, then back via Ullapool. This scenery is a demo of Visual Flight UK and Ireland Terrain Mesh Scenery for FS2002 which covers the whole of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland with high quality mesh scenery designed and tested exclusively with FS2002. See www.visualflight.co.uk for more information. By John Farrie, Visual Flight. 766K
FS2002 Aberdeen, Scotland, Scenery v2 This is improved scenery of Aberdeen/Dyce for FS2002 .A number of changes have been made to make the scenery not only compatable with fs2002 but to improve the overall feel of the Airport.Use is made of tree`s from Gerrish Grays tree library and this must be dowloaded separately. By: Paul Baines. 3.2MB
MAUI NAVAL CRUISER HELIPADS Freeware scenery for making landable the four pads on the cruisers surrounding the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier default scenery near Maui, Hawaii. FS2000/FS2002. by Rich Hogen. 25K
FS2002/CFS2 GZR_Norderney-Sylt Version 2.5 1/21/2002 By Richard "GZR_Frenchy/Frenchy 335th" Charlebois GZR_Norderney-Sylt WB is a CFS2/Fs2002Pro set of two airfields and seaplane bases. Located off the coast of Germany the North Frisian Islands were fortified. Sylt was the first German territory to be bombed during World War II. They are approximately 81 nm apart. The set has multiple start locations in Free Flight. These were enhanced even further in Fs2002 Pro. If you Install it in Fs2002Pro (not sure about the Std. version); it will provide entry at several locations (See **Note below). Also, the trees will change foliage according to the season. 525K
FS2002.Scenery. Sheremetyevo Airport (UUEE). Russia. Welcome to Moscow! FS2k2 version -ILS is now in the correct place.Scenery is compatible with default IA dinamyc scenery.Includes custom textures for Russian trucks and bus (LIAZ),Ikarus. Fixes some bugs, modifies runway lighting, adds some other improvements: static aircrafts and ground trucks of two home and international terminals, maps( pdf). By Gary V. 4.1MB
FS 2002 Manchester Barton (UK) v2 This scenery represents Barton Aerodrome in Manchester.It has been reworked and is now compatable with FS2002. It also contains new macro`s and trees from Gerrish Grays tree library which must be downloaded separately (here) . By: Paul Baines. 1.2MB

FS2002/000 El Toro Int. Airport, Orange County, California. This scenery file depicts the counties plan, more or less for an airport re-use of El Toro Marine Base. The base has been turned over to the county, and it's re-use is a major controversy in Orange County. The airport plan has been the most popular among voters in two elections, but the opposition still rages on. El Toro would be the second largest airport in the Los Angeles Basin, and would relieve much of the already overcrowded congestion at Los Angeles International (LAX). The airport is divided into four sections due to the cross shaped runway pattern. Section A is the main commercial terminal area. Section B is the cargo operations. Section C is for general commercial aircraft maintenance. Section D is for general use aviation. This scenery was designed for FS2002, but should work in FS2000 as well By: Bill Melichar. 1.6MB

El Toro International Airport textures: This file should correct the problem some of you were having with textures not showing up in ET.zip. I've tried to include most of the textures which were in question, such as the trees, static aircraft, signs, and some hangars. 847K

FS2000/2002: First in a series of Helicopter landing area/mission rich sceneries near Pensacola, Florida by Charlie Young. This is the community of Beulah Florida, home to Beulah Fire and Rescue. The scenery includes the town, car fire, brush fire, a Pensacola hospital, grass strip airport, Big Dawg Helicopter Rescue base, helicopter training area, traffic accident, and medical scenes. There are over 15 marked landing areas. A mission file is included as well with a dozen missions. 1.3MB
FS2002 Gaia Mesh System Preview This Terrain Mesh scenery cover the area of Switzerland included between N 47 E7 to N45 E6. This is a new kind of terrain designed with 'Gaia Mesh System' which use Digital data from high quality topo maps in order to create Mesh Scenery for FS2002 - a new and Revolutionary techniqe never seen in flight simulation.This system also reduce the size of the Packages - a typical 3 mb can now be packed into a 200 kb and drastically cuts down downloads times for terrain mesh scenery.The terrain is very much detailed - as this techniqe is very strong - and has been developed with the idea in mind to detect those elevations in low to medium rise terrain - every single bump!!. It also offer Very high Frames Rates!! Author: Raimondo Taburet. 367K