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Scenery Page 9
FS2002 Scenery - Merrill Pass, Alaska is one of the main air routes for VFR flight from the Cook Inlet area, through the Alaska Range, to the Bristol Bay area. This fictional scenery places cabins at the lakes on either side of this pass. Included is a short flight to show the way through the mountain pass. Tom Fica. 1.4MB

FS2002 Scenery (fictional) - Dinsmore Intl, Northern Ireland (EDIP). This virtual airport is massive covering some 10 square miles of area. Has the following features: RUNWAYS: Active aircraft uses main runway 36R. Full ILS and approach lighting. Different approach lighting depending on runway size. 5 runways: Two 11,000' one 8,500' all three having taxi ways to the main terminal area, main cargo area, PlanetAir terminal & cargo area and airline maintenance area. Jimmy R Martin. 1.3MB

Airport Map. 62K

FS 2000/2002 Vintage Scenery Faircloth: : Fourth in Scenery Series by C.Young. Includes Faircloth Army Air Base with circa 1940-60 aircraft and Reserve MASH camp, Small Fort Pikins Heliport, offshore cruise ship fire, and Air Baloon crash at a private residence/farm. Uses some textures from previous files. 1.2MB

FS2002 FSLandClass Mallorca AutoGen Scenery. At last Mallorca now has towns and costal tourist centers. created by Stefan Reich. 221K
FS2002 scenery--San Javier Airport; a short airtrip near Santa Cruz de La Sierra - BOLIVIA. Include a little terminal, buildings, parking, hills, tree, palms and taxi signs. By Gerardo Pereyra and jose Luis Pereyra. 554K
FS2002 scenery--Juana Azurduy de Padilla Airport, Sucre - BOLIVIA; a main airport of Sucre City. Include a terminal, buildings, parking, ambulance, hills, walls, tree and taxi signs. By Jason Skipper. 503K
FS2002 Scenery Paris - CDG Airport RealCDG Project - Full Package. This freeware improve default Fs2002 scenery by adding more realistics terminals and statics aircraft to the Paris - Charles de Gaulle Airport. By Yannick Mille. 4.5MB
Gerrish's Trees Library for FS2002 (1) Autogen Trees Replacement FS2002 Scenery. A high quality replacement for the default Autogen tree textures. All 19 different trees, palms and shrubs used for the Autogen vegetation are replaced with enhanced high-resolution images depicting each of the five seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter and 'hard winter' (i.e. snow). Transforms the appearance of the FS2002 scenery. By Gerrish Gray. 1.5MB
FS2002 Gaia Mesh System Maderia New Mesh for Madeira (Portugal) Island designed with Gaia Mesh System. Cover the whole of Maeria Island. Can be downloaded in less than 10 sec!! Author: Raimondo Taburet. 79K
MAUI NAVAL FRIGATE HELIPADS v2 Freeware scenery for making landable the four pads on the frigates surrounding the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier default scenery near Maui, Hawaii. FS2000/FS2002. Now with FS2002 "hardened" surfaces. by Rich Hogen. 25K