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see also FS2000 Essential Utilities -

Winzip Downloaded files come zipped. You also need an unzipper. Get the latest Winzip here if needed
FS2002 Cabin Lighting Tutorial: This addition can make your panels look more even-lighted by casting an even amber floodlight on the panel and or no light on the panel, and soft-white inside the instruments.By Alex Yanes. 2K
Traffic Tools v2.02 Utilities to program the AI traffic in FS2004 and FS2002. By Lee Swordy. 168K Filename: TTools202.zip
FS2002 Aircraft Export for Traffic Tools (TTools) v0.6 This utility can export all FS2002 aircraft from the FS2002 aircraft folder to a CSV file in the format of Aircraft.txt required by TTools (written by Lee Swordy). Written by Nicki de Wet. 355K
MDL Repair Utility This program will check and fix and visual model (.MDL) files for Microsoft Flight Simulator running on Windows NT/2000/XP. This is usually associated with the message "Unable to load visual model". Installation is simple. Unzip the files to any directory and run MDLRepair.exe The use of the program is described in help.htm. If you have any difficulties then please contact me with the details. Dave Parsons. 564K Flename: MDLRepair201.zip
FS2002/FS2000/CFS2 NOVA v1.6 is an utility program to design 3D objects for scenery design for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000, 2002 and Combat Flight Simulator 2. Build your custom hangars, control towers, buildings, bridges, terminals, gates, houses, file libraries, lamps and more in an easy way. This version includes two add-on program files to make special and powerful macros with dynamic effects, as dynamic windsocks, flags, sliding hangar doors controlled by distance or frequencies, buildings with helipads, clocks showing the real time in FS2K, special controllers and effects files, and much more. A grand total of 42 different tools to make a large variaty of shapes and special dynamics effects. Shareware by Rafael Garcia Sanchez. 5.6MB
NOVA V1.6 Help files. This files contains the entire help files of NOVA. By Rafael Garcia Sanchez 7.2MB
NOVA OGL Plug in for Architect 2002 for FS2000 and FS2002/2004. This plug in available for NOVA users will generate an OGL macro file that will allow you to preview your 3D objects created by Nova while working in your scenery designs in Architect 2002. OGL files are created every time you save your macro files. This update fixes previous scaling problems. By Rafael Garcia Sanchez. 141K
NOVA GOLD TEXTURES Release 1 for FS2000/FS2002/2004 and CFS2. This file contains a selection of 24 photorealistic textures with night effects of some common objects used in scenery design, as hangars, finger gates and terminals. By Rafael Garcia Sanchez. 1.3MB Filename: novagt1.zip
NOVA Docking and odometer systems V1.2 program for CFS2 and FS2000. This is an utility to add some visual taxing aids to the scenery ,as a docking system, odometers, approach progress bars and a marshaller. The program requires a prior full installation of the NOVA program. NOVA is a shareware program, this utility is free for registered users, for non registered users this addon will only work in demo mode. Help files and file examples are included.By Rafael Garcia Sanchez. 1.3MB
NOVA TEXTURES Release 3 for the CFS2 and FS2000/2002/2004. This file contains some textures used to design control taxing aids for scenery design, as docking systems,odometers, approach progress bars and marshaller. This file replaces all the textures used in the NovaTxt2.ZIP file By Rafael Garcia Sanchez. 170K Filename: novatxt3.zip
Gerrish's Trees Library for FS2002 (1) Autogen Trees Replacement FS2002 Scenery. A high quality replacement for the default Autogen tree textures. All 19 different trees, palms and shrubs used for the Autogen vegetation are replaced with enhanced high-resolution images depicting each of the five seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter and 'hard winter' (i.e. snow). Transforms the appearance of the FS2002 scenery. By Gerrish Gray. 1.5MB gtl_agen.zip
Replacement AutoGen Tree Textures (Third Alternative Version) FS2002 Scenery. Here is my third alternative replacement for the AutoGen vegetation texture sheets that provide the trees in the FS2002 scenery (see GTL_AGEN.ZIP and MSTREES.ZIP for the others). This one is a second enhancement of the new set recently released by Microsoft as part of the AutoGen SDK. The number and variety of the trees is increased and undergrowth has been added to further increase the density of the tree cover. A number of other details have been modified to improve the overall appearance. Forests now have up to 3,500 trees per sq km, compared with the scanty 600 of the original FS2002 release, and the tropics look more realistically 'tropical' with lush green bush below the palm fronds. By Gerrish Gray. 2.3MB MSTrees2.zip
Airport 2.02 Textures (textur202.zip) - required by some scenery add-ons. File size 155484 (Place into main Texture folder in FS)


VOD Textures V. 3 (vodtex30.zip) - Visual Object Designer 3.0 a Windows 95/98 utility for Microsoft Flight Simulator FS5/FSFW95/FS98 and Combat Flight Simulator. A utility to generate a great variety of objects for scenery design, like hangars, towers, control towers, lines, surfaces runways, roads, docking systems and more. Making use of some primitive forms, like cubes and pyramids, you can build simple objects like a new building or complex ones like terminals and gates using the standard VOD textures. The program also generates and uses API macros for use with the Airport program and also generates compatible macros to use with the ASD program from Abacus v1.1 and v2.0. This version comes with a set of 26 macros in API format. This program requires the VOD standard texture file VODTEX30.ZIP. Part 1 of 2. By Rafael Garcia Sanchez.. File size 930995. R Garcia Sanchez.


ASD Textures (ASDv2Textures.zip) - required by some scenery add-ons. 702K (Place into main Texture folder in FS)


Visual Basic 5 Runtime files.(vb5rtsp3) (VB Runtime files) Required for some add-ons. File size 1301280

Visual Basic File vbrun100 required for some add-ons. File size 378k.

Visual Basic 4 runtime Files vb40032 required by some programs. 387k

Visual Basic 6 Runtime files. (vbrun60) File size 1.05mb


Winzip Downloaded files come zipped. You also need an unzipper. Get the latest Winzip here if needed
ACTIVE CAMERA FOR FS 2002 v1.1 DESCRIPTION OF THE MODULE. With this module you can enable a "fly by" view in Microsoft FS 2002. (c) 2002, Andy Newman and Serge Baye. 48K ActiveCameraFS2002.zip
widefs.zip. Microsoft Flight Simulator, v5.50, with TCP/IP and IPX/SPX support. Allows linking of external flightsim applications over a LAN without the need to have a copy of Flight Simulator on the remote computer. By Pete Dowson.. 135K
fsuipc.zip. v2.975 FS98/FS2000/FS2002/CFS/CFS2 FSUIPC.dll application interfacing module . FSUIPC is effectively a successor to FS6IPC.dll. Both modules are designed to allow external (i.e. separate) programs to communicate with and perhaps control Microsoft Flight Simulator. Also included is WeatherSet.exe, an advanced weather application for FS2000. By Pete Dowson.. 672K

Gerrish's Trees Library for FS2000/2 Release 3 - Updated Version FS2000 & FS2002 Scenery / Scenery Design. This is my complete Trees Object Library, updated and re-issued as a single package. (Not to be confused with my series of Autogen tree replacements for improving the default trees in the FS2002 landscape, see the separate downloads GTL_AGEN.ZIP, MSTREES.ZIP, and MSTREES2.ZIP). The package includes the Trees Library file itself and all required textures, with simple instructions for use with any sceneries, old or new, that state that they need "Gerrish's Trees Library". The textures come in two versions: the original set designed for FS2000/2 and an updated set for use with FS2002 only.

Also included is a revised version of the SDK for scenery designers for the creation of sceneries incorporating these high-quality trees. The library provides 20 different styles of tree (including deciduous types, conifers, and a couple of palms), each available in a range of shapes and with various patterns of seasonal behaviour for use in different parts of the world, giving a total of 1600 variations, each of which can be used at any desired size, from a 1-2m high bush to giant, 100m tall, forest firs. The 24 different API macros in the SDK allow the trees to be placed either as individual specimens or in various realistic groupings. 3.2MB

FS2002 Utility - Coast-Line-Maker V2.0 Utility for easy manipulation of FS2002 roads and coastlines. Features a graphic-oriented design screen, allowing easy placement of line segments; requires no user knowledge of programming or assembler files. Auto aligns line segments with land/water polygons and automatically generates VTP/LWM assembler files. New version has additional features, improved functionality and revised fully illustrated documentation. Replaces COASTLMX.ZIP / COASTLM1.ZIP. V2.0 28th February 2003. By Iain Murray. 3.1MB
AFCAD v1.4.0 Author: Lee Swordy This is a CAD-style editor for airport facility data. You can create new parking, modify taxiways, add ATC to airports that don't already have it, create new airport facilities from scratch, and other things. It can't change the visual elements of an airport, just the maps and data that AI and ATC use to operate at airports, and the information that appears in you Map View and GPS windows. 735K