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Kawanishi N1K1 Kyofu fighter Floatplane for FS2002, version 1.1. An orginal multi-resolution design with breaking parts and full animation. fsds model by Gerald Lindell. g-max animation and textures by Anthony Sullenger. Original flight model and vc gauge animation by Andre van Duin. Flight model modified for FS2002 by David C. Copley. 2.2MB
FS2002 1930 Curtiss B-2 Condor Bomber This FSDS project is painted to match the colors of the 11th Bombardment Squadron based at March Field, San Bernadino, Ca in 1930. It has full moving parts including rolling wheels and transparent windows.. J. L. Stubbs Condor panel and Mike Hambly's Vickers Vimy sound file are included. By Paul Clawson. 2.3MB

FS2002 USAF DOUGLAS C-54 Troop Carrier, registration 272716. We dedicate our model to all helpers of the Berlin Airlift. With respect and gratitude we remember primarily to it's 76 casualties. The C-54 was the workhorse of the Berlin Airlift 1948-49. More than 240 C-54 of the U.S. Forces came here to use. The new FSDS model features animated cargo door, moving landing gear with steerable nose gear, flaps, ailerons, elevators, rudder and also night light textures. All cockpit and cabin windows are transparent. Package with C-54 panel by Dave Haskell and DC-4 soundset by Reinhard Herrmann. Including CargoTool (v. 1.0). With CargoTool the C-54 can be loaded with cargo and fuel. Modified flight dynamic by Wolfram Beckert, animation by Chris Grabow , FSDS design, textures and CargoTool by Arik Hohmeyer (FS-Design Berlin). 12.2MB
Modern Version Of The HENSCHEL Hs P 75 Heavy Fighter For FS2002 - By Steve Robinson. This is a modern version of a WWII design by the Henschel Company. Powered by a 3000hp Daimler Benz DB610 the aircraft can exceed 420 mph in level flight using it's counter rotating pusher props. The aircraft comes with all the usual animations, reflective textures, animated pilot, virtual dynamic cockpit, 3 paint schemes (including an aero racer), hot exhaust gases, sounds and lights e.t.c. The model was created using GMAX and the GMAX file is included. File size 4.96Mb. 5.1MB

FS 2002 Aircraft Lockheed P-38 lightning Original by Microsoft The aircraft has all moving parts, opening canopy. The panel has an autopilot has smoke system and DVC sounds not included.Includes 2 liverys for the aircraft one in the USAAF and on Metal. By Peeters Johan. 2.9MB

FS 2002 Aircraft P-38 Lightning Sound Pack for use with my P-38F for FS2K2 original by Microsoft re-make for FS2002 by Johan Peeters. 7.8MB

Royal Navy Corsair Belonging to 800 squadron Fleet Air Arm. Repaint of the stock Corsair by George Cox (Woodlouse2002). 1MB
FS2002 NORTH AMERICAN P51D MUSTANG Aircraft No 330 is depicted in the colours of the South African Airforce Flying Cheetas No 2 Squadron serving during the Korean War. The aircraft was allocated to Lt Mickey Rorke. He was killed on 15 May 1951 when his plain crashed after takeof. The aircraft is fully animated. The default FS 2002 F4U1A_Corsair, panel and sound files are included to reduce download time. Thinus Pretorius. 456K
FS2000/FS2002 Central Airlines DOUGLAS DC-4 Reg. ID N74855. Complete with moving parts and realistic engine start. By Harry Follas and Tom Gibson, Flight Model by Brian Horsey. Repainted by David Grogg. FS2002 style lighting added by Chris Grogg. 3MB
FS2000-2002 Frontier Airlines Convair 340 Frontier Airlines Convair 340, registration N73121.- (from an original fs98 aircraft) Includes moving flaps, gear, and steerable nosewheel. Painted by David Grogg and Chris Grogg. Aircraft by K.Waugh, Tom Gibson and Dave McQueen. Flight dynamics by Mike Vidal. 690K
BREGUET 19 A2 super bidon Version 1.3 Auteur (model, animation et textures) Jean-Marie MERMAZ. 3.3MB
FS2002 Beaufighter TF Mk X of B Squad.of Portuguese Navy - Portela de Sacavem AB, in 1946 - Portugal Marks of Portuguese Air Force and Texture created by Luis Faria aka: _306TigerLima Panel, sound pack and airfile by Michael Vader Model by Colin Muir. 4.3MB