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  Civil Jets Page 192
FS2004 Myanma Airways Fokker F28 Mk.4000 Twin Textures only. XY-AGA and XY-AGB. Repaint in Myanma Airways Colors. Myanma Airways is the domestic airline of Burma (Myanmar) and the homeport is Mingaladon int. Airport in Yangon. With much love to the details has arisen this repaint with reflective textures. Please turn on reflections. You need the original base-package from the Project Fokker website (http://fokker.avsim.net) to use with this. Thanks go to Ton van de Laar, Erez Werber and Martin Purps. Installation in Deutsch and English. Repaint by Pyi Soe and modify by Robby Pauletto. 2.3MB
FS2004 Default MD-83 Update.This is an update for FS 9 of the default AI MD-83. I have made it flyable, added some lights, put in the other 3 wheels, and updated the flight dynamics. This is not to be used as a replacement for the (default) AI MD-83. Bob Chicilo. 36K
FS2004 Airbus A319 Air Midlands. Original CSI Airbus A319 Repaint by Adam Sansgter. 1.6MB
FS2004 YAK-42 Package. (FS2004 only) Package Contents: - Documentation in English and Russian - Visual model - Panel - FDE - Sounds - GNS-530 GPS unit - KLN-90B navigation instrument. Visual Model by Dimitri Samborski (samdim) Textures by Nickolaj Samsonov (INS) Technical Advice, gauge programming, effects and sound edit by Vadim Oleksiuk (adik) Technical Advice, Flight dynamics by Yuriy Konyayev (Petrovich) Technical Advice, Gauge&Panel Bitmaps, documentation, english translation by Vlad Ageyev (UR5WCW). 34.2MB Not FSX compatible. Panel will crash FSX.
FS2004 Boeing 757-200 'ITT' Virtual Airline Colors. Original by Project Opensky. 10.8MB
FS2004/2002 Boeing 777-200 Aeromexico Textures only. Requires any full Meljet Boeing 777-200 here. by Jorge Santiago. 3MB
FS2004 Boeing 737-800 Aeromexico Textures only. Requires any full Project Opensky B737-800 Winglet model here. by Jorge Santiago. 4.2MB
FS2004 Airbus A321-200 IAE engines (V2500) NATO AGS Textures only. A repaint of the superb iFDG Airbus A321-200 (any full model required here). It is painted as A321 NATO AGS (Alliance Ground Surveillance). Repaint by José Leandro. 5MB
FS2004 Tupolev Tu-154B-2 Update. This is an update for FS 9 of the Tupolev Tu-154B-2 by Roman Skorykh (here)I have updated the flight dynamics, put in the rest of the wheels, and updated the panel to work in FS 9. This update should work with any paint, or repaint, of the Tu-154B model by Roman Skorykh. Bob Chicilo. 92K
FS2002/2004 Project Opensky Boeing 747-400 TAM Linhas Aéreas. 48-sided based Variable Sided Fuelage (POSKY Original Technique) Moving flaperon's,spoileron's,aileron's,elevator's,rudder, and fan blade's ,Tilting bogie's, gear bay's. (All highly detailed)night lighting,flashing beacon's.Transparent cockpit windshield with 3-D pilot's. Designed By Mitsushi Yutaka , Hiroshi Igami Flight Dynamics by Johan C Dees Tested by Project-Opensky Members Painted by Marcos Amarante. 1.2MB