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  Civil Jets Page 70
FS2004 Bombardier/Canadair CRJ700-ER Horizon Air. A 70/75 seat, Twin Turbo Fan Regional Airliner. Horizon Air Reg# N610QX. An FSDS 2.24 Design with 2D Panel, Dynamic VC and Night Effects. Now includes Wing Views. Full Animation Featuring Operating Airstair, Thrust Reverser, Leading Edge Slats, steerable Nose Wheel, HTML Check & Reference Lists, Custom Sound, a Panel_Docs_Help folder and more. View the readme first.txt in the zip file for complete install instructions. Special Thanks to Nick Linehan, Mesa Group CRJ700 / 900 Pilot for his assistance in this project. Enjoy flying the 4th version of this great aircraft. A CRJ900 is coming soon. By Jean-Pierre Brisard, Barry Blaisdell, Bob May - Premier Aircraft Design. 10.2MB

FS2004 Project Opensky - Airbus A340-313E VOC WV Virgin Atlantic Old Livery. With virtual cockpit. Fully animated control surfaces Fully independent suspension Dynamic flexing wings that respond to turbulence ( Thanks to Fraser Turner ) Thrust reversers that open fully on idle reverser thrust. ( Thanks to Fraser Turner ) Drooping ailerons on elevators when engines are shut off ( Thanks to Bill Leaming ) Fully reflective textures ( each part has different degree of reflection based on material ) Accurate flight dynamics ( accurate FDE with full profiles for wheels, tires, struts, leading/trialing struts, engine types ... Tested by real pilots.) Detailed textures Interchanging 2D and 3D engine fans Full night lighting Visible landing lights from the cockpit Reflective cockpit windows Crash affects Transparent Nav light lenses Virtual Cockpit with clickable buttons. Optimized for FS2004 ( VC version only ). Textures by Ben Hewitt. 13.3MB

FS2004 Boeing 737-400 Sata Internacional. Standalone repaint by Francisco Silva for the default Boeing 737-400 model of FS2004. 1.3MB
FS2004 Boeing 7E7-8 Dreamliner The Boeing 7E7 is a super-efficient commercial jetliner. Anticipated certification & entry into service is 2008. This aircraft plans to replace the B757 and B767 in the mid-range market. The aircraft is extensively animated with accurate flight dynamics and characteristics. Modelled with FSDS from available data at: www.boeing.com Designed by Laurie Doering of Aircraft Design Studios (ADS). 8.6MB
FS2004 TACA/Cubana hybrid A320-233 iFDG. Featuring the hybrid Cubana A320 (reg. EI-TAB). Cubana leases TACA A320's for flights to Canada and other Central American locations where noise restrictions limit use of their IL-62's. This is a complete aircraft kit which includes hand-drawn 32bit textures (no MIPS), dynamic shine, night lighting and all moving parts. All files contained within this zip. Model by iFDG, Repaint by Stephen Kirk. 5.8MB

FS2004 Boeing 707-420 with Panel BOAC and British Airways Includes all three cockpit positions, realistic engine start and checklists. By George Carty, with GMAX model modified from 707-320B by Rok Dolenec. 11.6MB

FS2004 Tupolev TU-330 Transport Aircraft in FedEx Livery. Aircraft Design Bureaus of CIS are currently busy with building of transport aircraft of new generation. TU-330 a/c is provided with government support by way of Government Resolution of the RF No.369 of 23 April, 1994, Design & Textures by J R LUcariny. 1.8MB

FS2004 A-340 South African Airways (SAA) Model by Project Opensky: Model Designer : Shervin Ahooraei Flight Dynamics Designer : Warren C.Daniel Master textures : Ben Hewitt, C. Vincent Cho Virtual Cockpit textures : Gary Hayes FDE Advisors : Nick Peterson, Simon Ng Hin Tat Virtual Cockpit Gauges : Special thanks to Pasquale Rinaldi Panel : Pasquale Rinaldi XML programming : Special thanks to Fraser Turner and Bill LeaminPainted By : Jaco du Preez. 9.3M