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FS2004 Northrop YB-49 "Flying Wing". The YB-49 was the jet powered follow up to the ambitious XB-35 flying wing program. This FSDSv3 project has the usual animations plus true wing tip split drag rudders, and elevons. It has transparent glass, landing and nav lights, and an alpha channel reflective finish. The engine smoke is triggered at 80% throttle by an XML gauge. The VC has moving controls. By Paul Clawson. 934K
FS2004 RAF C-130 Hercules Twin pack Textures only. These textures re-colour the standard Simshed models to a more realisitc one it requires the freeware C130 from simshed (required here). UKMil. 5.3MB
FS2004 Martin XB-51 Update. This is an update of the Martin XB-51 by Phil Perrot/Alphasim I have updated the flight dynamics, added lights, fixed the contact points, and added the other 3 wheels. You will have to find a proper panel for it. It is aliased to the Lear 45 panel. Bob Chicilo. 751K

FS2004 Fairchild C-123 K "Provider" The version 3 of legendary transport - veteran of Vietnam war well known from cinema " Air America " (M.Gibson&R.Downey). In the new version the completely changed visual model with animation by the pilots and animation by a unloading of cargo. Is completely useable VC - completely working levers and animation gauges high dpi, completely animation co-pilot. Panel. 3 textures - Air America, FAV, USAF (camo). Added 4 custom effects - drop of cargo box, drop of pigs with the parachute (remember a cinema?), start of engines and effect of a dust at motion on ground airfields. Detailed instruction for installing is enclosed (ReadMe.doc). Author - Vladimir Zhyhulskiy. 10MB
FS2004 Lockheed F-117A Nighthawk. Due to its entirely flat, facetted design the F-117 is not very aerodynamic. The lack of flaps, coupled with the severely swept wings give it a very high takeoff and landing speed. Landing speed is about 170 knots, with a highly pronounced nose up attitude. You WILL need to jack up the pilots seat several notches to see the runway over the panel during landings. Handling is wobbly at low speeds which gives the F-117 its nickname, the "Wobbly Goblin". Watch your airspeed on approach, below about 160 knots it sinks like a rock. Mike Stone. 1MB Filename: Lockheed_F117A_Nighthawk.zip
FS2004 RAF Sepecat Jaguar GR1A 54 Sqn Textures only. This pack will give the the Camo colours as applied to the RAF's Jaguar GR1's it uses the freeware GR1 model from Kaz Ito please download the aircraft first (above). Textures by ukmil. 708K
FS2004 Tornado F3 RAF 41 sqn Textures only. this is the newly formed 41 sqn, formerly the FJWOEU of the RAF. Aircraft is the freeware tornado F3 by DSB Design, (required here) Textures by UKMIL. 1.7MB
FS2004 Jet Provost MK5 RAF "the Swords" Display Textures only. Requires the original Provost by Rick Piper (here) . UKMil. 1.6MB
FS2004 F117A Nighthawk Update. This is an update of the Lockheed F117A Nighthawk by Mike Stone (required above). I have updated the flight dynamics, added a tail light, and added airshow smoke. Bob Chicilo. 59K
FS2004 Dassault Super Etendard - Updated. This is an update of the Dasault Super Etendard by Alphasim. I have updated the flight dynamics, added smoke, a panel, and nav lights. Bob Chicilo. 1.9MB